Costa in your very own kitchen

Whether you just stick a couple of spoonfuls of instant coffee in your mug or have your own expresso machine built into your designer kitchen, the professional taste of well prepared coffee usually elludes the 99% of the public. However Costa and Kraft Foods have just agreed to a major colaboration that hopefully will change all of that.

Their new deal means the fine taste of Costa is going to be compressed into those crazy yet tasty Tassimo coffee cups for use in your own Tassimo on-demand coffee unit. Brilliant.

The head-honcho of Costa, Jim Slater (MD), said the following:

“The Costa Tassimo range is an exciting new chapter for Costa. We have been overwhelmed with customers asking for their favourite coffee at home, and with the Costa-Kraft range, we can now deliver exactly that. Our aim is to give coffee lovers an unbeatable coffee experience wherever and whenever they want.”

Predicted to hit our shelves around Autumn time, we’re expected to see 3 popular Costa beverages: the Latte, the Americano and my favourite, the Costa Cappuccino. However if you can locate them, selected southern UK stores are going to be stocked with the Tassimo range from May… for your caffeine delights!

What’s your take on the Tassimo machine? Will you be tempted by the Costa-Tassimo coffee deal to switch to their tasty blend? Let us know

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