5 Great Coffee Gifts for this Christmas

With Christmas quickly approaching its time to find your loved one that perfect little present. With so many crowded shops to battle your way through, wouldn’t it be nice to just sit down and be able to glance over a list of excellent potential gifts…

Well, if they like their coffee (or you’re trying to convince them they do), then have we got a few gifts for you:

Selection of 8 Luxurious Coffee

A great selection of coffee grounds that range from mild in strength, (a Costa Rican), to strong, (Old Brown Java). Other strengths in between include the mild Micha Djimmjah, a classic Colombian and a strong Sumatra blend. This box is a wonderful gift for those still finding their favourite coffee tastes and styles. Everyone should be able to find a blend from this great collection that suits them. Available from Whittard of Chelsea for under £20.

Espresso Selection Pack

With their strength and strong aroma, espresso drinks aren’t for everyone. This little hand selected pack contains 6 distinctive blends of espresso grounds that will tantalise even the most astute coffee connoisseur. For just over £30 you’ll be able to experience the following grounds, ranging from mild to strong: Espresso Reserve, Light Italian, Barcelona Espresso, Monsoon Malabar, Dark Italian and Continental. Beautifully roasted and packed by RealCoffee.co.uk.

Fortnum & Mason’s Coffee Hamper

What would be nicer than to open a large Fortnum and Mason’s hamper that’s full with wonderful coffee goodies. Not only does the hamper come with three superb coffees, but also a traveller’s coffee press cup, some tasty chocolate pearl shortbread and some brown sugar crystals.

This wonderful hamper comes with great flavour combos; chocolately Guatemala Finca Clara grounds, complex Tanzania Blackburn Estate and dark aromatic Java Blawan.

Grab this wonderful F&M hamper for your loved one, only £75.

Russell Hobbs Platinum Grinder and Coffee Maker

Rated on-line as one of the best mid-priced grinder and coffee maker, this Russell Hobbs machine is both extremely function and beautifully sleek. Fully programmable and able to make between 2 to 10 cups of full range coffee, this is a wonderful present to be unwrapping on Christmas morning.

The grinder easily switches between your morning strong coffee down through various stages until you get that perfect light and mild taste for late evening drinking.

Hopefully you’ll also agree with us that it looks pretty wonderful.

Russell Hobbs Platinum Grinder and Coffeemaker for only £80

De’Longhi Espresso & Cappuccino Maker

A professional bean-to-cup espresso maker that will impress any coffee drinker. Whether you want your beans finely or coarsely ground, or even want to bypass using beans at all, this great machine makes the brewing process a rewarding experience in itself.

With more features than you can name, as well as magnificent style, this De’Longhi Espresso maker is our number one coffee purchase for Christmas 2012.

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