ICH: The Missing Bean, Oxford OX1

Independent coffee house, The Missing Bean

Independent coffee house, The Missing Bean
Turl Street, Oxford OX1 3DQ
Tel: 01865 794886

If you’re out and about in Oxford this weekend, we suggest you get out of the cold and pop into the cosy local independent coffee house, The Missing Bean. Located in the vibrant city on Turl Street (OX1 3DQ), they provide a warm friendly atmosphere where you can enjoy the feel of freedom away from the global chains.

The Missing Bean describes themselves as an independently owned and ran espresso bar, with an “artisan Antipodean style”.

Using traditional methods for roasting their beans, their coffee is a “Brazilian yellow bourbon bean, medium to dark roasted”. Harvested in the Mogiana Region of Brazil, their beans have a distinct earthy taste and aroma.

Sourcing other ingredients from the local markets, they can also rustle you up a scrummy frappe, or milkshake. Naturally they also serve teas and hot chocolates to beat away those cold February chills.

Check them out if you’re in Oxford, or if you’re planning a visit jump over to The Missing Beans website to see further details.

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