What is Blue Mountain Coffee

Blue Mountain coffee comes from the Jamaican ‘Blue Mountain’ region and is usually considered one of the most superior coffee tastes you’ll taste. Due to the near perfect ecology of the mountainous region, from the conditions in the soil to the altitude its grown at, the Jamaicans have been exporting this wonderful coffee all around the world since the early 18th century.

Most baristas will agree that these pricey beans produce some of the richest flavours, smoothest textures and beautiful aromas that you’ll ever experience in the coffee world. Unfortunately that does mean you won’t find it served at your local beverage den, and when you do source some it’ll cost you a fair bit more, but I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

That is unless you’re reading this in Japan, where you’re more than likely to have seen some Blue Mountain beans in your time. Japan is significantly the leading country of importing these luxurious beans, with reported amounts exceeding 75% of all these Jamaican beans.

Ever tried that Tia Maria liquer while out on the town? Well the flavours you’re experiencing there come from the Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee bean… oh and the alcohol.

Want one of the best coffee tastes you can get? Find your local professional barista and sit down with one of these fine drinks. You won’t forget it.

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