The luxury Blossom One – the Ferrari of coffee machines

Coffee making taken to the extreme

Coffee making taken to the extreme

Do you feel that your coffee machine just doesn’t stand out enough at parties? Perhaps you feel your wallet is getting too heavy and you need to up your coffee standards? Well, lets introduce you to the Blossom One, possibly the ultimate Ferrari coffee machine that’s got a price tag.

Standing tall on your workspace, this machine is constructed with a blend of beautiful mahogany, zebrawood, glass and stainless steel.

It boasts a gravity fed silent boiling system, manual plunger and 500W heating element. Not only that but it can accept any standard E61 Portafilter basket or a paper Blossom filter set.

It gets better though…

The Blossom One Limited is equipped with the most complete temperature control ever put in a coffee brewing machine – and that’s just the beginning. The unique brew chamber design separates variables typically coupled in coffee brewing: from grind size to extraction time, everything can be adjusted individually. This brew technology is combined with a connectivity suite that makes saving and sharing complex brew recipes a breeze.

A precision temperature control system is a most in any high end coffee machine, as this is often a weak link in many cheaper end units. Giving control back to the user regarding the grind size and extraction time is also a must for any budding coffee drinker.

The stand out line however must be the “… [its] combined with a connectivity suite that makes saving and sharing complex brew recipes a breeze”. Thats right, this coffee machine has got Wi-Fi!

Combining coffee with connectivity

You know all those times where you take that first sip and instantly must share it with the world, well with the Blossom One you can apparently share it with ease (presumably to other Blossom One users?). On top of sharing, you can also remotely connect to your Blossom One to check how it’s doing, although unsurprisingly as it has a manual plunger… you can do little else remotely.

Detail on the Blossom One

If the mix of wood, glass, metal and Wi-Fi wasn’t enough, this luxury coffee machine also comes with a 1.3MP camera for reading in QR codes. Yes that’s right… that technology that never really took off has become the apparent future for us coffee lovers:

QR makes it easy for anyone to brew perfect coffee. Coffee roasters can craft custom recipes on the Blossom One to achieve their ideal taste. They can then easily store those recipes in the cloud using the Blossom app, and print corresponding QR codes on their bags of coffee. They can update that recipe at any time, modify it as the beans age, and get analytics on when and how people drink their coffee. The end customer will need only to scan that code to brew the perfect cup and enjoy it exactly as the roaster intended.

Precision Build

When precision engineering and style combine to produce such a glorious looking machine as the Blossom One, you know it’s not going to be cheap. However, the price tag with this machine is over £7,000.


Now you know we love our coffee, but 7K for something that doesn’t roast or grind itself? Something that promotes (and shares?!) perfect coffee recipes yet still requires a non-precision human to manually plunge? Wow.

Yes it has glorified build in social-media and a webcam, but still… wow.

You could head over to our shop of well reviewed coffee machines and buy every one of them, several times in fact, and still have change.

Needless to say we think the Blossom One is

  • wonderful to look at,
  • a beautiful blend of passion, engineering and coffee,
  • an expense simply for the sake of being an expense,
Would you spend £7,000 on a coffee machine?

Would you spend £7,000 on a coffee machine? If so, would you choose the Blossom One?

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