Drink coffee and you may live 15% longer

coffee-cupA recent study by the National Cancer Institute of the United States found that in almost half a million men and women aged between 50 and 70, drinking above average quantities of coffee actually increased life longevity.

Contrary to popular belief that drinking too much caffeine was unhealthy, it seems that those tracked over the 12 year study showed a 10-15 per cent reduction in dying compared to average statistics, with a secondary correlation in the reduction of new ailments developing.

The association was similar for men and women, and tended to get stronger as participants drank more coffee, though the result was very similar for those who drank two or three cups per day and those who drank more than that. – Dr Freeman

When Dr Neal Freeman’s study into health impacts of caffeine was published in the Journal of Caffeine Research, he stated it was currently unknown as to why these effects were occurring, but hypothesised that it was done to how caffeine and changes in blood pressure are often associated.

Positive association not seen in smokers or drinkers

The report also went on to say that the improvements in life longevity and increased immunity to new ailments was only seen in groups that didn’t smoke or consume large quantities of alcohol, contrary to normal association. The usual association in population show that if you’re drinking several cups of coffee a day, you’re also more likely to smoke and drink, as well as be less physically active.

So to live longer, it seems that we should all drink several cups of coffee a day but also throw off the associated factors that come with it – put down the pints, bin the cigarettes and head out for a gentle stroll (to the nearest coffee house perhaps).

Read more about Dr Freeman’s study

To read more about Dr Freemans discovered link between caffeine consumption and life expectancy, please read this in depth interview between J. James (PhD) and Dr Freeman (MPH) regarding the study. (As seen in Volume: 2 Issue 4: February 19, 2013 of the Journey of Caffeine Research)

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