The Little Coffee Bag Company

The Little Coffee Bag CompanyLike most innovative things in life, The Little Coffee Bag Company was created out of need for something simpler. Carrie Bate, the owner and mother of four, came up with concept for a great tasting coffee product that was without the hassle and mess that can come with cafetiere brews. With this, the birth of the coffee bag was born.

Instead of flooding the market with dozens of slightly different grounds in the bags, The Little Coffee Bag Company produces only 3 different bags. Each individual bag promises fresh aromas and a wonderful aromatic taste.

Although many start up business have tried to revolutionise parts of the hot drinks industry, none to our knowledge, have received backing from such a large store as Harvey Nichols. That in itself is a great endorsement to Ms. Bate’s product.

Their most luxurious product, titled simply as Blend No.3, is a beautifully boxed set of 20 Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee bags – something that is likely to catch any coffee connoisseurs eyes.

Check out The Little Coffee Bag Company’s site, have a taste and mail Carrie to tell her how proud we are of UK startup coffee companies. Well done Carrie!



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