De’Longhi Magnifica Cappuccino Maker ESAM4200 – 5 Star Review – £264

The De'Longhi Magnifica is suitably well named - producing wonderful coffees from bean to the cup. Available for £250

The De’Longhi Magnifica is suitably well named – producing wonderful coffees from bean to the cup. Available for £280


Today’s review looks at the awesome 5 star De’Longhi Magnifica ESAM4200 which not only makes deliciously beautiful espressos and cappuccinos every time but also comes with its own built in burr grinder for that true bean-to-cup experience, a large water tank (1.8L) and a digital display.

Note: price crunch on this De’Longhi espresso maker – save £170 by buying from the right outlet. Keep reading for more info

This De’Longhi machine uses 15 bar of pressure to pump the water through the freshly ground beans, which can be ground using 7 different coarseness settings using the built in burr grinder.

The ESAM4200 also has an adjustable head to allow cups from your smallest espresso ones to your full cappuccino cups. Not only that, but the digital controls allow you to customise how much coffee and water goes into each cup – a nice little feature that allows for true tailoring of your beverage drink.

delonghi-close-upReviews by actual De’Longhi Magnifica owners

Below are three reviews you might find helpful if you’re thinking of purchasing this 5 star De’Longhi espresso and cappuccino machine:

I am giving 5 stars as love this coffee maker and can’t live without. Easy and quick coffee preparation, wonderful smell in my kitchen every morning, hope it lasts forever. Professional piece of kit packed in a little box. 5 stars by Maria


I don’t often write reviews, but this machine deserves every good word said about it. I have owned one for 3.5 years now, and it’s still going strong. So if reliability is what has you sitting on the fence, jump off and buy one. […] I’m an espresso nut, having lived in Italy for four years. I work that thing to the bone; it has made at least 5 espressos ~every~ single day of those three years that I was home and is still running strong. The only “bad” cup of coffee that I’ve had from this thing is when I bought low-quality beans. 5 stars by Buddha

We have been more than thrilled with it [De’Longhi ESAM4200]. It’s our first “bean-to-cup” machine. We soldiered on with a manual Gaggia for several years until the sheer hassle of it all got the better of us. This machine is simplicity itself and utterly simple to maintain and clean. It is ready with a perfect “Costa/Starbucks” style cup of coffee (espresso, Latte, cappuccino, cup, mug, etc.) within minutes and as many cups as are desired can be made with no delay between. It’s not noisy and the cappuccino function works well.It is expensive but you do seem to get an awful lot for your money – and the result is a very, very nice cup of coffee. A 5 star ‘excellent product’ review by Scampo Steve

De’Longhi Magnifica for only £264 – a bargain

Key features of this fabulous espresso and cappuccino maker include:

  • Make espressos and cappuccinos with bean-to-cup all in one product,
  • Temperature control so you can set your coffee from piping hot to medium warm
  • Clear digital read outs telling you when it needs cleaning, trays need emptying etc
  • High performance 15 bar pump pressure
  • Can be used with either pre-ground coffee or fresh coffee beans
  • Built in professional burr grinder with 7 different coarseness settings
  • Cappuccino milk frother
  • Removable large water tank (1.8 litres)
  • Auto safety shut-off after two hours
  • Rinse and decalcification programmes that automatically detect hardness in your water
  • Adjustable height coffee dispenser
  • Cup warmer
  • Removable drip tray

A great machine for both espressos and cappuccinos that combines so many features for its very reasonable price tag – buy the De’Longhi Magnifica ESAM4200 for only £265 from Amazon and get it £120 cheaper than John Lewis, or £145 cheaper than Sainsbury’s. What a bargain!

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