Best price Bosch Tassimo T20 coffee maker TAS2002GB

The Bosch Tassimo T20 is a brilliant sleek little unit that not only makes superb cappuccino and espresso drinks, but can produce hot chocolates and even tea infusions too. The Tassimo TAS2002GB coffee maker is so simple to use; you simple pop in one of the T DISC’s pods, place your cup within the unit and press the button.


Buy now – 3 key features of the Tassimo TAS2002

3 key features that’ll make you buy this Tassimo T20 coffee pod machine:

  • Brew any of the 40+ different Tassimo pod within 60 seconds of turning it on,
  • Perfect drink every time with the smart ‘Intellibrew’ barcode system
  • A huge 1.5L water reservoir

We’ve just updated our price list and the best price to buy a Tassimo TAS2002 is now under £40!

Are Tassimo’s easy to operate?

You probably couldn’t get a more simple machine without compromising on the gorgeous drink it produces. You simply:

  1. Select your pod from over 40 different drinks,
  2. Put it in the T20 and press the button to begin the brew,
  3. Sit back, relax and enjoy,

You can’t get easier than that!

More information on the Bosch Tassimo T20

bosch-tassimo-t20Concerned that an espresso should be made with different pressure to an infused tea? Or that a hot chocolate should be made using different temperature water to a cappuccino? Well worry not, the smart little Tassimo T20 identifies the pod you’ve placed within it to automatically adjust water amount,  pressure, temperature and brewing time. This amazing feature is called the Tassimo pod ‘Intellibrew’ system and guaranetees a perfect brew regardless of what pod you put in.

If you’re a coffee drinker who likes it a little hotter or a little stronger, there’s nothing stopping you from tweaking those settings until you get the perfect custom pour.

Not only that, but after each use this great Tassimo unit uses a short burst of steam to clean itself so that no taste transfers from one drink to another. You really have very little else to do other than pushing a button.


Will my latte glass fit in the Tassimo T20?

Yes – like most of the Tassimo range, the mount you place the cup or mug on can be lowered or even removed entirely. This means you can get anything from a tiny espresso cup to a tall latte glass underneath.


Tassimo T20 reviews

Who needs a good cup of coffee more than a new parent, so you can trust its a good machine with reviews coming in like the one below. This ones from Roxy94:

I love costa coffees however £2-£3 per coffee on average is a lot of money with a newborn and it’s far to travel just for a coffee in the morning so I bought the Tassimo coffee machine and will never have to travel again to a costa!

Roxy goes on to disprove the myth that pod coffess are expensive:

…for 40 caramel lattes it’s only £0.353 per coffee Bargain for a sweet, creamy, delicious coffee!

35p for a perfect coffee in your own home. You’d be mad to visit a coffee house again.


Tassimo T20 summary

This great Bosch unit can also be stripped down and all parts that need cleaning are dishwasher safe. On top of that the unit can de-scale itself for hard water areas. Clever huh!

buy this product nowOn Amazon this great little Bosch T20 unit gets a huge 5 star rating from over 700 very happy users who have rated it, plus its currently only a bargain price at £50 (When we originally reviewed this it was 5 stars and priced at £99… what a bargain you’re now getting)


Tassimo T20 now in the top 2017 coffee pod machines

The Tassimo T20 is now in the top 5 Tassimo pod machines for 2017

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