Coffee Bean Grinders Reviewed. Tefal, Bodum + Andrew James

If you prefer to grind your own beans to maximise freshness and taste, do we have the review post for you. Below we’ve collated a small selection of great, 5 star, reviews for 3 of the most popular coffee grinders on the market. Whether you’re looking for the artistic rugged look that the Bodum Bistro gives you, or the sleek style the Andrew James model delivers, you won’t be disappointed with the way these grinders work.

Bodum Bistro 60g Electric Grinder

great-bodum-bistro-electric-coffeeAlthough this is the smallest capacity grinder we’re promoting here, I think you’ll all agree the iconic red Bodum rubber gives this model a nice look. If you’ve got other Bodum products around your kitchen, this Bodum Bistro is perfect to bolser your collection. It has a grind capacity of 60g, which is fine for most users as it’ll do 10+ cups worth in one go.

Many reviews comment on how small the product is when it arrives, commenting how it is perfect size for doing its job, but also compact enough to stay out on the counter without getting in the way. And with that look, why would you want to hide it away.

We get through a lot of coffee, and decided to start grinding our own beans.We use a stove espresso pot, so the beans need to be ground very fine. This works perfectly, and it is small enough to have on the kitchen side without getting in the way.
5 star review of Bodum Bistro by Robert Waddington

Tefal 85g Coffee Grinder

excellent-review-tefal-coffee-grinderWith a whopping 180W of grinding power, this twin steel bladed machine not only allows you to grind your beans, but also any spices or nuts you have laying around to! It is also the most powerful of the grinders we’re reviewing here. With a much more sleek and sophisticated look than the Bodum, this neat little work-horse will look right at home in most kitchens.

Reviews state how this Tefal unit provides a quick and superior grind for over 15 cups worth of beans in one go. With a capacity of 85g, you can be grinding less often and maximising that relaxing drinking time.

What a brilliant product! Small, compact, powerful. I’ve only had it a few days, but it has been a life saver for my morning espresso. I used to buy the Lavazza Qualita’ Rosso but now the beans I’ve been able to grind are the complete change, and this contraption does it all. It’s quick, easy to clean and can sit on your worktop or in storage space without taking up too much room whatsoever. A must buy for a value for money grinder and coffee enthusiasts like myself!
A 5 star review of the Tefal Coffee Grinder by Gino D

Andrew James 70g Black Grinder

andrew-james-great-coffee-grinderOur final bean grinder today is the best of both the Tefal and Bodum. With an internal capacity of 70g, it’ll allow you to produce a good batch of grounds in one go and only comes with a price tag of £12! How can you argue with that.

Like the other models it sports push button technology as well as a transparent lid to allow you finer control over the length of grinding. It also comes with a hefty 150W motor, which like the Tefal, allows you to use it on nuts and spices.

Although we prefer the look of the Bodum and the functionality and reviews of the Tefal, we can’t not recommend the Andrew James device – we simply couldn’t find a fault with it.

This review sums up peoples opinions of this lesser known Andrew James grinder:

Bought this grinder online as all the ones in the shop seemed to be £30 or so. Ordered this one and it arrived quickly (very well packaged) and it’s brilliant! Really good quality – simple to use and even has a safety feature to stop you grinding your fingers if you get clumsy… Based on coffee grinders I have had in the past I would say this model represents exceptional value for money. I’ve had it a couple of weeks now and it’s going great guns (gets used most days). I confess to never having heard of ‘Andrew James Electrics’ beforehand – but from the instruction manual they appear to be a firm based in Co. Durham – and they get my vote!
A hugely positive 5 star review of the Andrew James Grinder

So there we have it – 3 of the markets best and most affordable coffee grinders.

What one are you drawn to?

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