Save £130 on the De’Longhi EC850.M coffee maker

Features of the De’Longhi EC850


De’Longhi are well known for filling their coffee machines to the brim with the highest quality of useful features that anyone could want in their caffeine dispenser. The De’Longhi EC850.Mdoesn’t disappoint either, which is why some stores are selling them for £330 pounds. Thankfully if you’re interested in getting one we can save you 40% – that’s a saving of £130. Some of the best features we’ve come to love and cherish on a high end machine such as this are:

  • A cup warming plate so you’ll never have cold cups again,
  • A removable milk carafe for easy filling and cleaning,
  • Built in water filter so that your coffee taste isn’t ruined by inferior tap water,
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    Their patented Thermoblock system that means the machine is ready in 40 seconds,
  • 15 bar of pressure to make smooth consistent drinks,
  • Selector modes so you can either use ESE coffee pods
  • …or fresh coffee grounds,

Reviews of the De’Longhi EC850.M

Although we would love our word to be final on this machine, we realise that if you’re searching for reviews then you want to gather a good sample of views. Here are some really positive things that actual people have said.

Pjegy gave the cappuccino maker a full 5 stars and goes into detail about the working temperature and features of the EC850.M

After spending over a year trying to find a perfect machine for our coffee mornings, only few models were considered as something that would satisfy us. We were definitely looking for the machine with a milk carafe, so Delonghi was our choice as it is known as a good coffee machine maker company and the reviews were good for all models, and it had good technical specs. The milk carafe is easily cleaned (these is a button on it for cleaning and it is done by the machine itself) after every use and can be put back to fridge. It can be washed in a dishwasher. Temperature of the drinks is right, even without prior nozzle warming (which can be also done), and very hot drink is made. The temperature of coffee brewing can be set to three different ones. … It is ready for use after 20sec. for espresso, and 40 sec. for drinks with milk in it. Just the right time to make all the preparation you need. Pjegy rated this 5 out of 5.

This 5 star review is by Mr Trevor Bullman– sadly he admits he may never sleep again thanks to this machine:

I had previously owned a De’Longhi coffee machine for over ten years, when it finally gave up the ghost I bought this machine. Its brilliant…makes excellent coffee simple to use and looks smart too.The next step up are the models with build in grinders, but that was a big jump in cash terms, I’m more than content with my decision, the only bad news is I’m now drinking too much coffee and may never sleep again 🙂

De’Longhi EC850 Cheapest prices we’ve found

De-Longhi EC850m Cappuccino Maker

With praises being sung from the roof top for this machine, as well as a great reliable machine that is filled to busting with features, there’s no wonder why its retailing at over £300 in some shops. However just look the price break down below… I think you’ll agree there’s quite a saving to be had:

House of Fraiser – £329

Argos – £319

Amazon£199 – that’s a huge 40% saving!

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