Try Luxurious Hawaiian Kona Coffee

Kona coffee is the exclusive market name that comes from the beans of the Arabica plant, growing on the side of two ancient volcanoes that make up part of Hawaii. No other coffee grown anywhere else in the world is allowed to carry the highly coveted Kona name. The Kona coffee plantation district produces some of the tastiest and expensive coffee on the planet.

Growing Kona beans

The slopes of the Hualalai and Mauna Loa volcanic mountains in Hawaii have a perfect nutrient rich soil for the Kona plants to thrive in. The ideal ground conditions combine with reliably warm mornings, sheltered from strong winds, and mild evenings.

Hawaiian Kona coffee snow

Hawaiian coffee plants covered in ‘Kona Snow’ during February and March

By the latter part of the first quarter every year, the Hawaiian slopes are covered in ‘Kona Snow’, tiny flowering white Kona plants. This is the first sign to the coffee farmers of the health of their pending crop.

However it is not till early September that the now glossy deep red berries are picked and pulped, all of which must take place within 24hours otherwise the taste of the final product will be severely compromised. They must then ferment and dry the beans to help intensify the oils and lock in the unique flavour.

Drying the Kona beans is a difficult and skillful process, as too much water moisture in the air increases the likelihood the the beans will produce a poison and toxic chemical called ochratoxin A. The Hawaii Department of Agriculture closely monitors and advises farmers on this crucial stage.

The Kona coffee beans are then graded and labelled as either Kona Number 1 grade, Kona Number 2 grade or Number 3 grade. The lower quality, although still very tasty, 3rd grade coffee is not allowed to carry the prestigious Kona label.

Want to try Kona coffee beans without breaking the bank?

Just because it’s expensive and carries a prestigious legacy with its name, we all know that doesn’t guarantee you’ll like it. That’s why we’ve found this well priced tin of whole Kona beans to try your first experience with. For only £15 you’ll get 125g of medium strength Kona coffee grown on a private Hawaiian estate. What perfect way to try the Kona experience, or even better, gift a coffee connoisseur with.

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