Gran Gaggia RI8327 Coffee Maker Review – £175

The Gaggia RI8327 is a great 4 star reviewed coffee machine by Philips that can produce two wonderful crema topped coffees at 15 bar of pressure at once.

Not only does it look like a great unit, cost a mere £175 / $220, is able to accept ESE coffee pods but it can also froth your milk to make cappuccinos, lattes or hot chocolates.

Although the Gaggia RI8327 doesn’t include a burr grinder itself, hence the lower pricer, it can accept both freshly ground beans and the Easy Serve Espresso (ESE) coffee pods for your morning pour.

  • For ease, accepts both grounds and ESE pods,
  • Dual cup pouring,
  • 1L removal tank, to minimise refill needs,
  • Chrome detailing throughout the machine,
  • Cup Warmer, so drinks will stay hotter,
  • Milk frother for cappuccinos and lattes ,
  • Thin width profile, to fit neatly into most kitchens

Reviews for the Gaggia RI8327 coffee maker

Don’t take our word for this coffee maker being great, read what these reviewers had to say:

I bought this is I used to own a Baby Gaggia, no longer in production. This is an older style Gaggia machine with a lot of Phillips bits added. It has a smaller tank that I would have liked at 1.25 Litres, but at 15 Bar it has ideal pressure to make a perfect cup of coffee. The height between the coffee holder and the base is enough to take a regular cup. The steamer/milk panerelo is rubber and stainless steel and it froths well. I uses a stainless jug and thermometer from Andrew James… Tools fit in a nice space on the top of the machine and the water holder is well designed. I would recommend this product to you. 5/5 by David Young


Espresso is very easy to make just drips a bit afterwards. The cappuccino is a bit messier but would expect that with milk. Even my husband can make a good cappuccino with this. An Italian friend has not heard of this brand but have seen a larger version in a good coffee shop recently. Excellent value for money. 5/5 Katrin Magorrian

Now we have only given the Gaggia RI8327 coffee maker a final score of 4 out of 5 stars because people have voiced concerns about the milk wand being difficult to use and sometimes inconsistent with its finish, however we still think this is an amazing unit for only £175 and thoroughly recommend it to anyone but the very astute coffee connoisseur.

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