Heston Blumenthal’s Barista Express Coffee Machine now available for under £500

heston-blumenthal-sage-coffeeNo doubt you have heard of the award winning chef Heston Blumenthal, whose mantra is to challenge and question everything that goes on in the kitchen. Well now you can finally pick up his award winning Barista Express coffee machine for under £500, saving a huge £100 from other retailers.

Mr Blumenthal has no problem changing things we take for granted, stripping them back and analysising the procedure, question ‘do we really need to do that’, or ‘can we do this better’.

So what person would be better to dive into the world of coffee oils, percolation, grind size, infusions and general coffee alchemy.

The Barista Express comes crammed with amazing features and engineering feats, but first lets look at the outside of the machine that bears Heston Blumenthal’s prestigious name.


It comes in a solid, well built, commercially looking case. The dials and lights, all slightly recessed, have a good sturdy feel to them. The distance between the spouts and the drip try is just under 11cm, meaning you can get your favourite, larger-than-normal, mug within the machine no problems.

It has several features you probably wouldn’t see on similar priced machines, including a coffee pre-infuser, to cause the coffee to swell with moisture before forcing the high-pressured water through them. This apparently delivers a more refined, professional and balanced taste. Thanks Blumenthal!

The Barista Express also comes with a consistent and powerful 1700 watt conical burr grinder, with 18 different settings, enabling the coffee connoisseur to really dial down to the perfect sizing. This grinder is built in and reduces the time from bean-to-espresso to mere seconds, instead of the usual few minutes you’d achieve with separate technologies.

According to Blumenthal this speed makes a significant different that any true coffee drinker will appreciate.

Of course, with all this ability to hone the perfect grind and pour, the learning curve for using such a machine is that much steeper, especially when compared to that of Philips Senseo Quadrante or the Vintage De’Longhi Icona.

This was picked up by reviewer ‘The Price is Right’, however they admit is doesn’t deter them, especially when they receive the end product:

The Barista Espresso is well built, solid, elegant, looks like a commercial machine, sounds like one and it makes really good coffee…milk too comes out perfectly! This machine is a world apart from anything I’ve used so far. It’s not easy to use, I’m still working hard to get the right shot every time, right in the middle of the recommended extraction zone, every shot varies depending on grind size, tamper pressure and coffee type, but the machine gives lots of feedback so whenever I get the right balance coffees and cappuccinos taste extremely good…I trust that with time it’ll get a lot easier, for now I don’t mind having to experiment with the Barista.

Ms Kelly goes on to explain how she switched from other brands to the Sage:

My day starts with a perfect coffee. Double espresso with a top of hot water to make a fantastically strong, long black coffee with a gorgeous creamy top. If this doesn’t happen, I am not happy and will not drink the coffee produced.

I have to date owned and used 4 Gaggia classic machines and using Illy espresso ground coffee, been very happy with the coffee produced. The reason I have had several Gaggia’s is because they become unbearably unreliable after exactly 12 months. Phillips took over and made improvements but at 4 machines already, decided to try something new. The Sage, Blumenthal Barista Express is fabulous. I have had the machine a month and make 4 coffees a day, perfect coffee.

It is sturdy, easy to clean, extremely good looking and makes a working noise that is good on the ear. This is not a machine to be stored in a cupboard, its a show piece and if you pay this price you should be using it every day several times, no time to put it away.

If you’re interested is this great, connoisseurs machine for under £500, or simply want to read more about the great Barista Express by Heston Blumenthal, use this link here.

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