Best Branded Coffee Chain goes to… Costa… again!

costa-awardsThe Costa Coffee chain must find space on its packed award shelf for yet again winning the Best Branded Coffee Shop Chain in Europe at the 2014 Allegra European Coffee Awards. This prestigious award means that the Costa Coffee chain has won this accolade four times in a row.

Yes you heard us right, Costa Coffee is the best branded coffee chain for the last 1,500 packed coffee drinking days!

Costa now has nearly 2,000 stores in Europe, with the majority being here in good ol’ UK, so its not surprising they can contend the other market leaders for this award. However our Christmas hats are taken off to the hard workers for making all their coffee houses such lovely places to enjoy our nations favourite drinks.

A snippet of a press release from Costa themselves goes on to praise Andy Marshall. Not sure who Mr Marshall is… well you best read on…

Costa’s success was celebrated further with Andy Marshall, Managing Director for Costa International Franchise, being recognised with a lifetime achievement award for his dedication and commitment, to not just the coffee industry, but the Costa business and his international franchise team. Andy drives also the corporate responsibility agenda at Costa, and his passion for ensuring ethical practices is inspirational.

Congratulations Costa, keep up the tasty and enjoyable work you guys do.

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