The glass Ninja CF060 Coffee Bar – Only £99.99

We’re going a bit retro this Monday. We’re beginning the working week by looking at the Ninja CF060 Coffee Bar, Glass Edition, a beautiful piece of technology and construction that surely is needed in everyones life. From its look to its brew-quality I thought it was awesome, so below is my review of the CF060 by Ninja. Hope you find the following product review helpful; it contains some of the best features of the CF060 while also sharing other reviewers opinions of the coffee machine.


Selling Points Of The Ninja CF060

  • Wake-up to fresh coffee with the built in timer
  • Strong retro glass styling
  • Ability to keep mugs/carafes warm
  • Highly customisable settings to get your perfect drink
  • Elegant controls that are simple to use
  • It has the word NINJA on it! (Okay, not a serious point)
  • Hot-milk integrated frother

A single issue I was slightly unsure about was the size of the unit, measuring up at 36 x 34 x 46 cm , its quite big. If you have a really small kitchen or office environment, this might become a bit of a concern, however if you have an empty ktichen-top corner then this Ninja would fit nicely in there.

Lesley W.’s review gives it 5 stars!

The first thing to say upon receipt of my Ninja CF060 coffee maker is that it is very well packaged. Plenty of packaging to keep the components safe within the box. I will say that it is a rather large coffee bar and you need a fair amount of worktop space but if you’re serious about your coffee then this shouldn’t put you off.

There are 2 nice quality mugs that come with the coffee bar and a lovely little milk frother so that I can enjoy my favorite latte.

The little recipe book with the 40 coffee shop style recipes is an inspiration. Such a lot of choice and it gives you plenty of ideas to vary your coffee tasting experience. Cold or hot frothy or not!! And I for one will be partaking of the Mocha Hazelnut Delight!

I like it a lot!


One feature that this machine does that you wont find on many units is its ability to make coffees over ice, not a standard feature I’m sure you’ll agree. Now its definitely not everyones favorite method of drinking coffee but its so easy you might just try it out of curiosity. You place a carafe of ice under the machine, hit the “over ice” button and it’ll extract a coffee blend for that perfectly smooth ice coffee.

Alex Easton reviewed the Ninja CF060 5 stars

I’m a big fan of coffee and i’ve tried a lot of various methods to get a decent brew over the years; Percolators, Aeropress, Manual Espresso and even a Vacuum coffee maker (that looks like something out of a laboratory) and my take-away learning from using them all is that the more effort put in, the better the brew.

Or so I thought… until I started using the Ninja CF060 Coffee Bar.

My first impressions is that next to my Italian espresso machine it looks kind of dated, a little retro maybe. I was expecting it to just be a very good drip method machine that I could use to brew a jug on a bleary-eyed Sunday morning but the product description also claims to be able to do traditionally espresso based ‘speciality’ drinks like Cappuccino, Flat whites etc.

I’ve also used the ‘delay’ function to have freshly brewed coffee (simple but awesome!) and the travel mug setting when i’ve needed coffee on the move. Highly recommend this machine for someone whois making their first step into the world of coffee, or for someone who, like me, just wants good coffee with less effort!

The CF060 Ninja we’ve reviewed here is classed as the glass edition, a steel version is also available, replacing the glass carafe with a sturdy looking stainless steel variant. It however doesn’t change the ribbed glass tank at the back. I personally like the glass looking carafe; its always nice to see the different colors of the coffee as it pours.

Ninja CF060 Verdict

But is it worth the £99.99? If we take into consideration the fact that it can produce hot milk froth with ease, looks visually stunning and makes great customisable drinks, I would say that it is easily worth the £99. The control system is relatively simple but still manages you to control quite a few different aspects of the coffee you’re making. I think it also gets a few style points for just looking different to most of the coffee machines out there, good work Ninja

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