Bosch TAS7002GB Tassimo – Reviewed – Only £99!

bosch-tas7002gb-mysterious-black-coffee-machine-discountThis week we review the TAS7002GB Tassimo multi-beverage coffee machine made by Bosch, a great little machine that accepts coffee capsules. This funky little machine comes in either mystery black or majestic white, those aren’t what I’m calling them, that’s their actual names. On review of the product I thought it was ingenious in how it uses pods to produce such stunning results, so here’s my short review of the TAS7002GB by Bosch. I hope you, like many others, find this product review insightful. This review highlights many of the best features of the Bosch TAS7002GB Tassimo machine as well as a point I’d like to bring to your attention before you buy it

Top Selling Points Of The TAS7002GB

  • Barcode scanning feature lets the machine know what type of capsules or pods have been inserted
  • Coffee pods mean no messy grounds to worry about
  • 1.2 litre tank – so no constant refilling
  • Gorgeous modern look with either the black or white
  • Capsule racks for up to 32 different tasty discs/capsules
  • Low energy consumption
  • Accepts Tassimo T-Discs and brands such as Cadburys, Oreo, Costa and Kenco
  • Automatic cleaning & descaling programs (Dishwasher proof parts)

Si Si’s gave it 5 stars

I was bought this by my wife for my birthday and I LOVE IT !!! It’s very easy to use and out performs all the other hot drink making machines we have bought in the past. I will be recommending this machine to friends and family.

bosch-tas7002gb-coffee-piping-hotNow the colour of the machine might help swing your decision on this machine, that is if you’re sitting on the fence (you shouldn’t be though). Although its quite customary to have a gleaming modern black coffee machine propping up gizmo department in the kitchens, what if I told you the white coffee machine is cheaper. A lot cheaper.

The black machine, which does look great I have to say, could be yours for a little over £125. Which for the price, is still a great deal. However if you decide you like the majestic white TAS7002GB, you can save yourself almost £30

What a bargain that is – the same machine – slightly more distinct and bold styling – for less! I’m almost tempted to say you’d be mad to buy another machine, in fact you would be mad!

Buy this one now. Buy the Bosch TAS7002GB 🙂

Karen Stevens reviewed the TAS7002GB 4 stars

Really good machine ! Fast service ! Love the drinks easy to prepare ! Unfortunately no descaling tablets came as advertised ! But hoping this gets rectified ! Overall happy

The variety of drinks these pod machines can make is fairly magnificent, I couldn’t even begin to list them all, but here are a few of my favourites: Carte Noire Espresso,  Carte Noire Latte Macchiato Caramel, Costa Americano, Costa Caramel Latte, Oreo Chocolate, Kenco Medium Roast. I should point out these are my favourites for when I want something a little more exciting, extravagant or special than a normal dark strong coffee.

Sometimes you just need that sugar hit too


TAS7002GB Review Summary

But is it worth the £125? Well when we consider it uses pods (easy / clean / quick) plus the sheer variety of different drinks it makes, I think its well worth £125. When we add the Majestic White machine to the mix at £99, we can’t find fault with it. Go buy the TAS7002GB, you won’t be disappointed.


Buy the TAS7002GB on Amazon £99 >>>

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