Coffee Loyalty Cards – Are you being ripped off?

We all have one, some of us may have many, but which high street coffee loyalty card is really worth racking up money are. Recent research by Wales Online have attempted to get to the bottom of which high street loyalty card is the best value for money, the results were quite staggering. You might be getting ripped off without knowing it.

Whether you prefer the punching tipple of an espresso, or a more relaxing cappuccino, buying coffees on the high street can quickly become quite expensive.

High-street Coffee Houses Value For Money

Buying cappuccinos from each high-street store, they found the following loyalty return-of-investment:

Costa comes in at stone-cold last position with the worst high-street coffee loyalty value. To get your free £2.25 cappuccino you need to spend a whopping £45.00! Forty five pounds – that’s an incredible amount.

Starbucks does a lot better by comparison, requiring 15 purchases of cappuccinos before you’ll have enough on your store card to get a free drink. Starbucks comes in at a cheaper total amount of £32.25, however as we’ll see thats still not great value for money

Nero requires 9 stamps on your loyalty card before you get the tenth drink for free. This equates to a total spend in this high-street store of £21.60, which is already twice the value-for-money as Costa.

McDonalds also made a very good effort, despite their lack of variety, you’re still looking at a loyalty return after your 6th cup, costing you £8.96. This isn’t bad value at all, any is quite to obtain. If you’re grabbing a fresh coffee once or twice a week on your way to work, you’re quite likely to get a free coffee once a month. Not bad at all.

But wait, there’s a twist! Waitrose offer ANYONE with a loyalty card a free coffee EVERY day. And how much is this card? Well its free!

So by our calculations, Waitrose have an infinitely better loyalty card than the other high-street stores.

If you’d like to see the short video of results, which were gathered from coffee houses around Cardiff, this data has come from Wales Online

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