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delonghi-eletta-bean-to-cup-coffeeToday the rather sophisticated looking De’Longhi Eletta Bean to Cup ECAM44.660.B coffee machine is coming under our watchful eye. When reviewing numerous coffee machines they seem to conform to one of only a few different looks, however the ECAM44, with its blocky yet angular design seems to want to conform to nobody. On review I thought the ECAM44 was almost perfect, so here’s my short review of the Eletta by De’Longhi. This is no cheap-thrills coffee machine, this is one of the De’Longhi top of the range, all bells-and-whistles machines. I hope you find the following product review helpful; it contains some of the best features of the Eletta ECAM44 as well as linking you to where you can save over £250 on buying this premium unit.

Best Features Of The Eletta ECAM44

  • Modern unique and interesting angular design,
  • Memory function to remember how you like your drink,
  • Decent touch sensitive control buttons,
  • Clear LCD screen,
  • Built in grinder with over a dozen options,
  • Automatic rinse & descaling programmes,
  • Highly customisable options for both the grind and the type of drink,
  • 2litre water tank – which is huge. Very impressive,
  • Milk frothing unit,
  • Robust feel and sturdy De’Longhi construction,

RayG’s gave it 5 stars

This is an excellent coffee machine, and a worthy upgrade to my old Coffee Garcon machine that has finally been put into retirement. It’s very sleek, compact and well put together – it certainly looks the part in my kitchen.

There are some really great features in this machine that are a big upgrade from my old one. One thing is really like is the milk frother – it’s much easier and cleaner than the old pipe system. In terms of coffee making, it’s also pretty quick as far as coffee machines go. One bugbear that I’ve always had with coffee machines is that the coffee isn’t quite hot enough – I’m really pleased to say that this DeLonghi machine has a noticeably higher temperature than other machines I’ve used and is pretty much spot on.
Overall, a wonderful little machine, and perfect for household use.

Pallus’s gave it 5 stars

Owning both the De’Longhi Magnifica and now the Eletta, Pallus is in the rare position of being able to do a side-by-side comparison of these high end premium De’Longhi coffee machines. Giving it a 5 star review, you already know that they were thrilled with the machine. Their detailed review is shown in part, below;


Looks-wise, if the Magnifica is a Cyber-Man then this Eletta is definitely Darth Vader. The main differences are that the Eletta is more computerised with an LED display and has its own milk-frother system.

The frothing system works very well; it delivers a consistent, lasting, tight foam from a cold milk reservoir which can be kept in the fridge between uses. The machine rinses the frother after use and the only cleaning required is to wipe the nozzle where the frother attaches to the machine. I’ve included close-up pics of the nozzle.

The Eletta will make a long coffee made-up of 2 separate doses of coffee, grinding and reloading half way through. This comes out far too strong for me but may suit others.

My first impressions are that you’re paying for and getting an effective and convenient frothing system plus some programmability. I’m still working my way through the manual as there is quite a lot to learn and several customisable options. Water temp is adjustable by 4 pre-set levels, the default being 2 (halfway). I know HOT coffee is important to some.

I use double-walled glass mugs which make temperature less critical as they don’t cool the contents half as much.

This Eletta really does seem to provide a quality cappuccino.. without the need for a professional! Despite the minimal cleaning required, I must admit I still only use the frother at weekends.

Review verdict for the Eletta ECAM44

Is it worth £575.16? If we take into consideration the fact that its great De’Longhi build quality, it comes with a revolutionary milk-frother, is super easy to clean and can produce a variety of perfect coffees, I think you’ll be happy with what you’ve purchased.

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