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Today I thought I’d review the Toccare Uno B Series One coffee machine made by BERG, a amazing coffee maker that would look great in any kitchen or office. While reviewing BERG’s Toccare, I was impressed by the flavorful drink it produced. I hope you’ll find this product review beneficial; it highlights several of the best features of the BERG coffee machine as well as sharing some other Amazon reviewers opinions

What makes the BERG Toccare an impressive coffee machine

  • Easily switch between between brewing lattes, espressos, cappuccinos and americanos
  • BERG’s striking black and chrome look
  • Easy programming with colour touch LCD screen
  • 19 bar pressure
  • 2 minute warm up time
  • Simplistic setup and easy operation
  • Dimensions 43 x 27 x 35 cm
  • BERG’s patented milk foam perfection system
  • Integrated 1.7L water tank
  • Variable temperature control, from 70c to 95c
  • Cup warmer

Does that seem to fit the bill for what coffee machine you’re looking for? I reckon the BERG Toccare does.

One thing you might be worried about is the name tag; BERG. They’re not the most well-known espresso machine brand you’ve probably come across, so can you trust BERG? Well lets take a look at some reviews from Amazon, see if that can help reassure you about the BERG brand.

Reviews of the BERG Toccare Uno

KBM was concerned by the lesser known brand – BERG, but went ahead with their purchase of the Toccare Uno B Series One coffee machine.

Here is how they reviewed their BERG Toccare product, giving it 5 out of 5 stars!

Just arrived today. Berg isn’t a brand that is particularly well known, especially compared to the likes of De’Longhi which also make similar types of machines – but with higher price tag. It’s only been day 1, but so far so very good as our previous trial with a de’longhi was very disappointing (demanded to be cleaned after every cup made, noisy, requires a lot of tinkering with program, and eventually caput after 1 week). This was the opposite, practically just plug & play. If you need to program the coffee, it’s pretty straight forward and almost idiot proof. Very sleek and smart piece of kit that is suitable for home or office environment.


James Hole also gave this product a full review of 5 out of 5 stars. He was clearly impressed by BERG’s ability to tell you clearly whenever manual intervention was required; from emptying the used grounds to cleaning.

This machine is awesome! I’ve always wanted a bean to cup machine, it’s incredibly easy to use and has numerous pre-sets to make the perfect coffee, you have the option to use beans or powdered coffee.

The machine let’s you know when the beans have run out, when to empty the coffee dregs,when the tank needs filling and when to clean it the option to heat milk is a real bonus as you can also make a hot chocolate (if you put the choc direct into the cup)
All in all a fantastic product that looks flash!

75% of users on Amazon rate the BERG Toccare a full 5 stars

These fellow customer reviews and the great BERG features this product make it easy for me to overlook the lesser known brand name.

For these reasons I’m happy to recommend this BERG Toccare coffee machine

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7 thoughts on “BERG Toccare Uno Series One Review – £425

  1. Paul Kaffie Post author

    Hi John.
    Thanks for getting in touch. Sorry for the slow response. Have you been able to track down the source of the leak?
    How old is your machine?
    Sometimes the water tank has a o-ring type release valve, these can be the cause of many leaks if they get dirty or blocked.

  2. Paul

    The grounds puck sometimes hits the edge of the waste container and grounds spill down inside the machine. There is also a certain amount of coffee dust that drops down from the mechanism. This blocks the fine holes underneath the working parts that allow any splashes of water or coffee to go into the drip tray. A 10 minute clean of the machine every week should prevent this from happening. My machine is over 2 years old and has made 1000s of coffees and any drips or leaks I’ve had have been when I’ve neglected the cleaning. Hope this helps

  3. Dave Ray

    The grounds used to drop into the waste container in a dry block, but now I get a wet sludge in the container why? Also if you read the artical on the way to change the grinding of the beans from fine to course or the other way the movement of the knob is the same, so what is the correct instructions?.

  4. Paul Kaffie Post author

    Hi Dave, thanks for getting in touch. I would expect the used grounds to be hot and damp, not dry or even a wet sludge. How’s the quality of the coffee it’s making? Wet sludge might imply the water isn’t being forced through correctly, the boiler continues to pour water after it should have finished, or the grounds arent being compressed sufficiently. Also how old is the machine and would you say it’s getting heavy use?

  5. Paul Kaffie Post author

    There could be a few reasons, however generally a machine shouldn’t make any noise unless its producing a drink. Can you explain the type of noise it’s making?

    Does it sound electrical or mechanical?

    How long have you had your Toccare?

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