6 Things you may not know about coffee houses

Here’s a list of some of the things you may not be aware about regarding your local coffee house. Whether its Costa, Nero, Starbucks or a small independent store down the road, you can be sure that some of these apply.

How much caffeine is in my coffee?!

super-large-coffee-has-how-much-caffeineIf you’ve got a dull meeting ahead of you, or a long tube travel, buying a super-double-extra-large doesn’t always mean more of a caffeine hit.

Usually it just means more milk, which also means more encapsulated air, not the boost you’re really after. Plus the milk is where the calories are at too.

You could try:

  1. A double espresso, for a short strong hit
  2. A flat white, for a strong but milky drink
  3. A medium or large filter coffee, for that longer drink

Are expensive coffee beans better?

Expensive blends don’t necessarily mean better blends! Like in everything else we assume the higher the price tag the better the product, this just simply isn’t the case.

Some independent stores especially, may even buy cheaper beans and sell the drink branded as something else. Try a few different drinks and go with what you LIKE, not just the most expensive. Think with your tongue people not with your pay-cheque.

Baristas know how to make a latte

I know this is true of Starbucks at least, probably the other large coffee chains and shops too, but they actually go through training to make you that drink.

I don’t just mean health-and-safety of the machines either.

Barista school is a real thing. Real education on beans, blends, history and how to make that perfect drink every time. Okay its not a masters degree, but they’ve still worked for that specific education, for the ability to be called a barista.

They’ll know how to make a latte, how to serve a cappuccino and how to pour a macchiato

Coffee art, latte art and steamed milk

whats-the-point-of-coffee-art-milk-artOne of the ways of making sure your milk has that perfect velvety texture is to put a little chocolate logo on top.

It may be the typical ‘bean’ or the companies logo, but that little bit of ‘artwork’ is actually a quality control mechanism.

If the art breaks down or the foam collapses quickly underneath it, that means the milk wasn’t heated correctly.

Send a drink back

If you don’t like your drink, you can probably send it back for a different one.

This is dependant on the establishment (not a law of the country etc) but usually if you’ve gone and tried one of those syrups, or just a different type of brew, if you don’t like it you can genuinely go and tell them and they’ll replace it.

Its rude to queue for a coffee when…

Baristas consider it rude if you’re on the phone in the queue.


Because it is! If you’re in the queue its because you’re ready to engage with the barista. They’re busy and you’re there to order from them. Here’s 3 things to do instead of using your phone:

  1. Choose your drink. Choose your size. Choose your snack
  2. Scan the menu for something new and exciting. Break the mould.
  3. Use the time to unwind and relax before you sip that hot well made beverage,

Plus also spare the ears of all those people around you.

Coffee houses – did you know…

So there you have it, 6 things you may not have known about coffee houses.

There’s probably lots more things to. Do you know of something that we could add?

Add it to the comments below.

Thanks for reading

2 thoughts on “6 Things you may not know about coffee houses

  1. Pete

    Well, Arabica beans are more expensive, taste wayy better and have much less caffeine. Where I live, Robusta is regarded as “fake” coffee and won’t drink it.

  2. Paul Kaffie Post author

    Thanks for leaving a comment Pete. You make some very good points there Pete, thank you. When you say locally Robusta is regarded as fake coffee, where abouts is that?

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