Top 5 Bosch Tassimo Coffee Pod Machines for 2017

Coffee Pod Bosch TASSIMO TAS4011
Looking to buy one of the best Tassimo coffee pod machines? Read on

If you’re in the market for buying a new Bosch Tassimo coffee machine then we have the 5 best Tassimo machines just for you! If you’re looking to buy one of these Tassimo pod machines you’ve probably already researched how they work, in which case you can jump ahead to our first Tassimo mini review.

If you’re new to the world of Bosch Tassimo coffee machines, read on and we’ll explain a bit about these wonderful machines, specifically why you should buy a Tassimo coffee pod machine over another type of coffee maker.

Have you considered the TAS3202 or maybe the Tassimo Caddy T75? Maybe these mean nothing to you, yet! Read on and we’ll hopefully sort out any confusion you might have.

If you are looking for a cheap coffee machine that isn’t necessarily a Tassimo, check out our list of top affordable coffee machines right here.

Why should you buy a Tassimo coffee machine

Unlike every other type of coffee machine, Tassimo pod coffee machines produce their coffees using sealed coffee pods, also called “Tassimo T DISCs”, meaning you don’t have to worry about grinding your own beans or disposing of damp grounds. Pods keep your kitchen or office free from mess while also minimising the effort you need to burn to get your vital caffeine hit.

Tassimo machines also come with ‘Tassimo Intellibrew’ and ‘ T DISC technology’, basically a unique barcode system, so the machine knows for each pod exactly how much water to use, which temperature and at what pressure to brew at.

Its like having you’re own robot barista. This means the drink is perfect every time you make one.

With pod coffee machines you get the following benefits:

  • Single touch brewing; no need for options or selecting the right settings,
  • Automatic drink selection based on what pod you put into the hopper; selects the correct amount of water, heat and pressure to use,
  • Tidy and mess-free
  • Quick start up times, producing the first brew in under a minute,
  • Compact units, usually taking up much less room than bean-to-cup or espresso makers,
  • Stunning selection of drinks… see further down below…

Tassimo pods give you ultimate versatility in your drinks

Unlike espresso or even bean-to-cup machines, you’re weekly shop for a Tassimo might include several different coffee flavours. You could sit straight down with a Tassimo vanilla latte, dark Columbian espresso, americano decaf or even a hot chocolate. Although I’ve never tried them – they also do a variety of Tassimo tea pods – for those adventurous drinkers out there.

Coffee pod machines offer such a wide choice of coffee and other hot drinks, you probably won’t be able to taste them all; you simply won’t get this with other types of machines.

Reducing costs with cheap Tassimo pod offers

Its hard to quantity the average drinks cost of a Tassimo coffee made with one of these machines because you get some great deals out there for cheap bulk Tassimo pods. Here’s a few examples of Tassimo bulk offers though.

Cheap Tassimo Pod Offer Bundle Cost Cadburys

Tassimo Pod 3x
Favourite Bundle

24x Tassimo Costa
& Cadbury Pods

Check Price

Bulk Cheap Variety Tassimo Pod Deal

22x Tassimo Pod
Variety Pack

22x Twinings, Costa and Jacobs Carte Noire Tassimo Pods

Check Price

Tassimo Cheap Pod Offer LOR Carte Noire Costa Latte Deal

Tassimo 4x Latte Pod
Variety Bundle

32x Carte Noire &
Costa Tassimo Pods

Check Price

Although each bundle is best checked separately, you’re probably talking around £0.50 / $0.65 per pod used. Of course – pods are also available in your nearest supermarket too!

FAQ – Are Bosch Tassimo machines expensive?

Quite simply, no, Tassimo coffee pod machines aren’t expensive to buy at all. They start around £45/$60 and go up to a little over £100/$130, however the majority of them are around £70/$90.

If you wanted a drip filter coffee machine, you could get a machine cheaper than one of these Tassimo’s, however they produce quite different drinks and bring different drink options to the table. Espresso machines start around the £100/$130 mark, while bean-to-cup coffee makers could set you back about £200/$260.

For the money, the top 5 Bosch Tassimo machines shown below are exceptionally good value for money.

Onto the reviews…

Bosch Tassimo Vivy T12 TAS1252 Coffee Pod Machine

TAS1252 Coffee Pod Bosch Tassimo Vivy

The Bosch Vivy (aka Bosch Tassimo TAS1252) has two great selling points:

  1. The Tassimo Vivy is the ‘compact’ version in the range – measuring little more than 10cms wide. This importantly keeps your kitchen counter clear, while still providing a great coffee every time
  2. Its also one of the cheapest Tassimo machines. It’ll set you back about £45/ $60 to get your hands on it.

The Vivy is essentially the ‘entry-level’ Tassimo machine, but saying that feels like we’re doing this fabulous little coffee machine a disservice. One of the main features that sets it apart from its bigger brothers, is it has a 0.7L water tank. Most other Tassimo models have a ~1.2L tank, but that is where the space-saving nature comes in.

Tassimo TAS1252 – Read more

Bosch Tassimo T40 TAS4011 Coffee Maker in Silver

Coffee Pod Bosch TASSIMO TAS4011

It seems the managers at Bosch wanted to answer the question, how big can we make a Tassimo water tank. The Tassimo T40 comes with a super-sized 2L water reservoir, so refills will be infrequent to say the least.

The T40 takes visual feedback and drink customisation to the next level, with a small array of different lights to mean different things, such as empty water tank, descaling needed, brewing in process and standby mode.

Additional buttons allow you to modify the length (amount of water) and brew duration with the TAS4011. This machine also has a nice cable storage solution at the back, helping to keep those wires out of sight.

Costing around £70 / $90 the T40 TAS4011 isn’t going to break the bank, but it does give you a lot more options than the cheaper TAS1252.

Tassimo TAS4011 – Read more

Bosch Tassimo Caddy T75 Coffee Pod Machine

Bosch Tassimo Caddy T75 High End Coffee Pod Machine

Personally I think the Tassimo Caddy (T75 TAS75S2GB) is one of the best looking Bosch machines, as I have a weak spot for the black gloss and chrome combo. Doesn’t it just look great. Such a neat and well designed coffee maker.

Three features that set the Caddy out from amongst the crowd are:

  • A redesigned water reservoir (1.2L), allowing monitoring of the water level from the front of the machine. Other models either lack this feature or have replaced it with electronic sensors, however the Tassimo Caddy combines it into a nice subtle and function feature.
  • A replaceable Brita water filter, for those hard water areas. Read more in the T55 review below
  • Removable clip-on pod holder for 32x of your favourite drinks. No more rummaging around in dress or cupboard; store them beside the machine with this simple but essential rack.

Tassimo TAS75S2 – Read more

Bosch Tassimo T32 TAS3205GB Suny Coffee Pod Machine

Bosch Tassimo T32 TAS3205GB Suny

Unlike many of the Tassimo coffee makers that have stuck with the black gloss, the T32 comes in a variety of striking colours. My personal favourite is this striking red, absolutely gorgeous in both the colour finish and the design as a whole. If I had room to keep another coffee machine on my desk, I think this would take the title.

The Tassimo Suny is the slighlty more mature version of the compact Vivy T12.

This one features a slightly larger water reservoir, at 0.8L, and a larger footprint.

The dimensions of this Suny unit is approximately 17cm wide, 25cm deep and 30 high.

Tassimo TAS3205 – Read more

Bosch Tassimo T55 TAS5542 Coffee Pod Machine + 4x Brita Filters

Bosch Tassimo Coffee Pod TAS5542GB Hot Drinks and Coffee Machine

The TAS5542 coffee machine replaces many components of the cheaper models with upgraded stainless steel versions, giving this Tassimo unit a much sturdier and superior quality to it.

Weighing in at nearly 3.5Kg and measuring approximately 30 x 20 x 30 centimetres, the Tassimo T55 is one of the biggest units in the family.

Like many of the newer models, if you’re living in a particularly hard-water area this machine will be of interest as not only does this contain a Brita water filter, but it comes with 4x of them! These make sure that any of the 1.2 litres of water you put into the machine, is perfect for both your taste buds and the machines internals.

Tassimo TAS5542 – Read more

Summary of the top Bosch Tassimo coffee pod machines

While these machines obiously perform very similar tasks to the very high standards, you can still make an educated decision on which Tassimo coffee maker to buy. Whether you like the compact and cheaper Tassimo T12, or the the more expensive, sturdier and feature rich TA55, we’re sure you’ll be a happy coffee drinker with any unit.

So here’s a very quick summary of the units and which Tassimo coffee pod machine to buy:

Top Tassimo coffee makers:

Tassimo T12Smallest and cheapest coffee makerCheck Prices
Tassimo T40Mid-high end. More features. Huge water tankCheck Prices
Tassimo T75Mid-high end. More features. Built in 32x pod storage rackCheck Prices
Tassimo T32Small compact unit. Slightly bigger than the T12Check Prices
Tassimo T55Most expensive, most options, biggest unitCheck Prices

Thanks for reading. Please leave a comment and tell us what your favourite Tassimo unit is

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