Best Top 5 Cheap Coffee Machines for 2017

When it comes to finding a cheap coffee machine, it pays to do your home work. While you can easily spend hundreds if not thousands, on a coffee maker, the majority of people are looking for a decent cheap coffee machine that makes them a nice cup of coffee (reliably!). Cheap doesn’t mean bad, we just have to be realistic: we know we’re unlikely to get all the bells-and-whistles, but that’s fine for us 99% of the time. Plus, I think you’re going to be nicely surprised what you can get for your next affordable machine.

We’ve done a bit of research for you and come up with our top 5 cheap coffee machines list for you to browse. We’re not saying these are the only 5 you could consider, but we’ve hopefully shown you some coffee machines here that tick the boxes you’re looking for. You’ll also notice this list comprises some well known brands too, so once again, cheap doesn’t mean sub-quality. You’re still getting a great brand and a brilliant little coffee machine.

Top 5 Cheap Coffee Machines

One coffee-connoisseurs “cheap” is another man’s extravagance, so what are we defining as a cheap coffee machine? Well, we could draw this line in the sand anywhere, but we’ve drawn it at £40. This equates to about 10p a day for a year – which we think is pretty darn cheap for these little beauties. Think you can’t get a decent cheap coffee machine from any of the big brands – think again!

Krups’ Dolce Gusto Oblo Coffee Machine

Krups Dolce Gusto - A Decent Cheap Coffee Machine

First thing that probably strikes you about the Dolce Gusto is its gorgeous looks and unique style. Who wants the standard looking coffee machine; something your guests wont even bat an eye-lid at. This is an impressive little unit with distinct looks, offering 15 bar of pressure for your espressos, a 0.8 litre tank and a tiny footprint. How much space will Krups’ Gusto take up; well just a little more than half an A4 piece of paper, how compact is that! So this Nespresso capsule coffee maker saves you pounds and precious worktop space.

The Dolce Gusto is usually about £120 but Amazon currently has it for only £39.99 – what an absolute steal. That’s why its our first cheap, affordable and cost-effective coffee machine on the list. Get it while you can!

Russell Hobbs’ Buckingham Filter Coffee Maker

Russell Hobbs' Buckingham Filter Coffee Maker - Cheap and Affordable

Capsule coffee machines are all well and good, but what if you want a nice warm carafe of coffee in the morning. Well maybe you don’t need to look any further than the Buckingham filter drip coffee maker from Russell Hobbs.

This stainless steel coffee maker has done away with the messy paper filters that leave traces of damp grounds everywhere; instead it comes with a built in permanent filter. The glass carafe holds 1.25 litres of fresh coffee and the whole machine comes with a digital programmable timer, so you can wake up to the smells and taste of a hot pot.

Pretty impressive for a unit that’ll only set you back £35.99

Bialetti Brikka 4 Cup Espresso Maker

Bialetti Brekki Stove Espresso Maker

Now if you’re looking for something rather different, how about the Bialetti Brikka stove-top espresso maker. Strikingly traditional and making 4 decent espresso shots, who’d have thought you’d be able to pick such a coffee maker up for only £34. Do away with the injection moulded chassis or predictable designs, pick up this beautiful and cheap coffee machine.

As you can probably guess it has no ‘standard’ features you might find on a coffee maker, cheap or otherwise. This cuts coffee making back to the basics, where you’re in full control.

Some would argue that the stove-top method for brewing a coffee is the only way to make an espresso – and at such a cheap price – is it even worth arguing?

If you’ve got any stove, other than an induction, this wonderful bit of coffee making apparatus will do you proud.

If you’d like to read more about the Brikka espresso maker, we have a product specific review for its smaller variant (2 cups, not 4) on our site – Bialetti Brikka Espresso Coffee Maker (2 Cup)

VonShef Digital Filter Coffee Maker

VonShef Digital Filter Coffee Maker - Cheap Coffee Maker

Now if you’re new to the coffee world and looking to pick up a cheap coffee machine, you might not have heard of VonShef – that’s fair enough. They’re not a coffee maker exclusive manufacturer and may even be better known for making compact hot plates, pretty hampers and even Teppanyaki style table barbecues!

However not being a triple A coffee maker brand, doesn’t mean they’ve made a poor machine here. In fact on Amazon it receives 4.5 stars, which is as high as you’re ever likely to get! On top of this the VonShef is an absolute bargain at only £28.99. With that you get a good sized, 1.8 litre carafe, a hot plate and a built in programmable timer.

Also a tall but slender silver machine is quite striking in the kitchen – black is dead – long live silver.

Lavazza A Modo Mio Minu Coffee Machine

Cheap Coffee Maker by Lavazza

Our second list entry for a capsule machine, the Lavazza Coffee Machine breaks from convention and goes with a soothing modernistic look. Not to be confused with the Nespresso coffee pods, the Lavazza ‘Minu’ uses a slightly smaller capsule, however they both function exactly the same and come with the same benefits; no-mess, regulated and perfected quantities, fresh grounds every time. On top of looking good, this Lavazza machine comes with a dozen capsules too, so that immediately makes the bargain price £35.99 seem even more ridiculous.

If you are looking to break into the coffee machine market and don’t have a cupboard full of Nespresso capsules waiting to be used, we reckon you’ll love the Lavazza A Modo Mio Minu coffee maker.


So there you have it, 5 top rated cheap coffee makers that covers a large section of the coffee machine world. Will you pick the compact Bialetti Brikka that’ll sit atop of your stove, one of the two coffee capsule machines or either of the vertical drip machines?

We at least hope that you’ve learnt that cheap coffee maker doesn’t translate into bland or tatty equipment. For less than £40 you can still get looks and functionality, and what’s more, brilliant tasting coffee!

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