Best Tassimo Coffee Pods in 2021

Tassimo coffee pods provide a consistent and clean way to produce your favourite drinks time and time again. Thankfully both Tassimo, and 3rd party manufacturers, have produced a wide selection of different drinks, so you’re not stuck with the same americano day-in-day-out.

The problem with choice though, is how do you know which is the best Tassimo coffee pod for you? Well thankfully, you can take our word on these coffee pods below.

Read on to see the best Tassimo coffee pods of 2021.

Best Cappuccino Coffee by Tassimo

best costa cappuccino tassimo coffee

Our highest rated cappuccino coffee pod for a Tassimo machine are the 8x serving Costa cappuccino coffee pack.

We like our cappuccinos hot with lots of frothy milk over milk and a good double espresso shot of well extracted coffee.

This is the type of great drink you get with the Costa pods, although you’re of course free to sprinkle your own chocolate or cinnamon dust on top.

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Best Extra-Large Coffees by Tassimo

If you’re like me, you may like both short drinks (expressos, flat whites etc) as well as extra large drink. Unfortunately if you just add more water to a coffee you just water it down until it’s an unpaletible thin drink.

Thankfully Tassimo have now catered to those extra-large coffee drinkers; with their XL-Coffee Pods!

The Tassimo Kenco Americano grande coffee pod set comes with a total of 80 Tassimo pods – so you’re getting great value for money, as well as perfect strength Kenco coffee each time.

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Best Espresso Coffee by Tassimo

tassimo lor best espresso coffee

One of our favorite drinks, and possibly our highest rated coffee, is a good espresso. L’OR have made a significant well bodied espresso drink with their Tassimo L’OR Espresso Delicious Coffee pods.

Due to an espresso being a very short drink, the flavours should be very concentrated. A good espresso will also have a good crema, enhancing the taste and producing a wonderful aroma.

L’OR have managed to pack a highly technical drink into their L’OR Delicious pods, which makes for a splendid espresso.

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Best Sweet Tassimo Pod by Tassimo

What usually splits coffee drinker groups in half, is where they stand on sweetened or syrup’d coffees. We’re partial to a caramel or even the more subtle vanilla coffee from time to time.

Although we’re rather fond of the chocolate Mocha for our Tassimo, we love the Latte Macchiato caramel coffee.

Although in Mexico a macchiato is confusingly called a cortado, which is a different coffee in most other countries, a macchiato is usually an espresso with a small amount of frothy steamed milk. They have become popular with various syrups added to them, such as the above mentioned caramel, but also almond, chocolate mint or cinnamon.

This long drink isn’t overly sweet but does have noticeable caramel flavours and aromas.

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Best Non-Coffee Tassimo Pod by Tassimo

tassimo chocolate cadburys pod

Don’t worry, we get it. Sometimes you need something other than another hot caffeine injection. Sometimes you’ve had too much, its too late in the evening, or one of your young children want their own drink.

There are a variety of Tassimo pods you can use that don’t make coffees, with one of our favourite pods being the classic Cadbury’s Hot Chocolate.

Cadbury’s Hot Chocolate have their own signature velvety drink which, when made extra hot, is something truly remarkable.

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