Tassimo Bosch My Way 2 TAS6507GB Coffee Review

Today I thought I’d finally get around to reviewing the Tassimo Bosch ‘My Way 2‘ coffee machine. Immediately one thing I must comment on is the look; the Tassimo ‘My Way 2‘ has a very unique design and look, which I personally find refreshing in the sea of uniform black or chrome coffee machines. The first time I saw the Tassimo TAS6507GB, it jumped out because it was in cream… a very unusual colour. That property alone made me add the coffee machine to the review pile!

Tassimo My Way 2 in Cream

I realise that cream is an unlikely choice of colour for most kitchen gadgets, so you’ll be pleased to know the Tassimo My Way 2 also comes in a striking fire-engine red, a crisp clean white, as well as the standard black.

Before we get into a quick review of the specifications for the ‘My Way 2‘, I just want to reassure you that the drink-shelf you see in the picture on the left does move, so you can get a good sized glass under the coffee nozzles. Don’t worry.

TL>DR; Too busy to read the full review on this coffee machine? Okay so our verdict is this Tassimo is a great machine, highly recommended and currently available for a phenomenal price. Depending on the colour you pick, as of 2021 you could pick this machine up from between £67 and £99.

Buy the Tassimo ‘My Way 2‘ now in: Cream, Red, Black or White

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Let me quickly point out three parts of the specification that I think you’ll be interested and impressed by:

  • You can customise the My Way 2 to alter the volume, temperature and intensity of your coffee. While this is a very useful feature, it’s somewhat standard, albeit usually on more expensive machines only. The My Way 2 can be snapped up for only £60 remember. On top of this, which I think is really cool, you can have different customised profiles for different members of your house or office!
  • The cup-stand can be raised, lowered or remove entirely. This allows the coffee machine to accommodate almost any size coffee receptacle you should have. If you’re making a short coffee however (Tassimo Espresso pods), we definitely recommend raising the platform to improve the pour,
  • A powerful ‎1500 watt boiler system; so your machine won’t be lacking when it comes to pressurising the water boiler. This guarantees a hot, reliably flow of water to pass through the coffee pods,
  • Physically, the unit comes in at ~ 27 x 32 x 40 cm and weighs almost 3.5KG. Compared to units such as the Tassimo T20, the My Way 2 is heavier and larger… but then you get a massive water tank.

The TAS6507GB vs other Tassimo coffee machine?

You may have previously owned a Tassimo TAS7002GB or one of the special edition Tassimo Suny models; well the Tassimo ‘My Way 2‘ comes with these wonderful features.

A much larger, superior 1.3L water tank. That’s an additional 65% capacity compared to the Suny model. This minimses the amount of refills and trips to the tap you obviously need to make.

Did we also mention that the tank has a built in Brita Maxtra Plus water filter too? So you can say goodbye to horrible hard water affecting the taste of your coffee. This is a huge plus point for us – if your water is poor then you coffee is never going to be great. The Brita Maxtra really does strip out the rubbish from your tap water.

You’re may be used to your Tassimo utilising the INTELLIBREW barcode reader, to setup the machine for different Tassimo pods; the My Way 2 continue to use this effective approach. This model also continues to use the patented cleaning method between drinks too – so taste-contamination is entirely avoided.

Thankfully they have decided to stick with the dishwasher safe components, so when you strip the machine down for routine cleaning you can just throw it in your dishwasher safe in the knowledge it’ll come out sparkling.

Customer reviews

Although we’d love to condense the 2,500 reviews into an easily readable section, we don’t want to just bang the same drum for hours! Those 2,500 customers gave an almost unheard of 85% 5-star ratings! An additional 11% rated this Tassimo 4 star or 4.5 stars.

…[the Tassimo TAS6507GB is] an incredibly easy machine to use, now I get to have not only a stronger coffee, but I can choose a shorter or longer coffee too, all from the same pod. I currently only have L’Or Delizioso, but it turns out a lovely strong coffee.

As for other drinks, my wife has Caramel Latte Macchiato, the biggest benefit she finds in this machine is the ability to change the temperature of her drink, if she is taking one to work she will have it hotter, if she is drinking one in the house she will have it slightly cooler.

5* Review for the Tassimo My Way 2, written by David C

It also looks like Karen treated her husband to one of these wonderful machines – with great results…

I have bought my husband several Tassimos over the years. Each one has been used many times every day and when he gets a new one the previous machine is relegated to his office. He even has a small Tassimo that we take on holiday with us as he prefers them to the ‘posh’ machines that hotels provide. With this model he particularly likes the extra settings that allow him to control the strength and heat of his coffee. Thoroughly recommend.

5* Review for the Tassimo My Way 2, written by Karen K

Tassimo Coffee Pods

The ‘My Way 2‘ uses the great, reliable and flavoursome T-DISC pod design. So don’t worry if you’ve got drawers full of pods you haven’t used yet. Double check the packaging and you’ll probably find you can pop them straight into the TAS6507GB and immediately continue to enjoy your favourite coffees.

Looking for Tassimo pods? Look no further than our Best Tassimo pods article.

TAS6507GB ‘My Way 2‘ Review Summary

If you’re looking for a Tassimo machine in 2021, it’s very hard for us to recommend anything that beats the Tassimo My Way 2 in terms of spec, performance or style. While admittedly the cream or bright red versions may not be for everyone, the black and white versions will fit comfortable into any home or office.

The built in Brita filter, on a decent sized water tank really is a really plus for me. An easy feature that more coffee machines should have (I live in hard water area).

The other big win for me is the ability to tweak your coffee to how you like it (stronger please!). That combined with the ability to save your customisation, so the whole family can have different styles, perfect.

Grab the TAS6507GB ‘My Way 2’ by Tassimo for as little as £67.

Buy from Amazon; choose your colour:

Black £67White £70Red £78Cream £99

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