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Coffee Loyalty Cards – Are you being ripped off?

We all have one, some of us may have many, but which high street coffee loyalty card is really worth racking up money are. Recent research by Wales Online have attempted to get to the bottom of which high street loyalty card is the best value for money, the results were quite staggering. You might […]

1701 Nottingham baristas apply for only 8 Jobs

If you wanted any more evidence that the job market is a hard place to crack at the moment, a Costa spokeswoman has just released a statement saying that 8 job vacancies in a new Nottingham store was swamped by applications from over 1700 people. A spokesman of Costa said that they were shocked:  “I don’t think […]

Costa Coffee reap the tax rewards

Coffee drinkers are boycotting the Starbucks chain in the UK with ever increasing numbers. Thankfully in business, one companies downfall is another companies blessing. This couldn’t be more true than for rival company Costa Coffee as they publish figures saying their sales have increased over 7% in the last few months, albeit with at least […]

Want a coffee? Need Wi-Fi too?

I’d personally recommend enjoying the taste of a well-made coffee without the hassle of your phone and laptop trying to grab your attention at every minute, but that’s very rarely the case these days. Thankfully Costa have finally chosen to embrace this with the help of O2. The MD of O2, one Gavin Franks, said this about their deal with Costa: “We […]