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1701 Nottingham baristas apply for only 8 Jobs

If you wanted any more evidence that the job market is a hard place to crack at the moment, a Costa spokeswoman has just released a statement saying that 8 job vacancies in a new Nottingham store was swamped by applications from over 1700 people. A spokesman of Costa said that they were shocked:  “I don’t think […]

Starbucks are going to war – literally

In a corporation partnership that you probably didn’t think was even possible, the USS Navy has just opened a Starbucks licensed and functioning coffee shop on one of its assault ships, the USS Boxer. Now the on board military personnel can spend some of their hard earned dollars getting their caffeine fix, before taking off and patrolling […]

Gorgeous Starbucks store opens in London

If you find yourself rushed off your shoppaholic legs around Savile Row or Regent Street, why not take 15 minutes to enjoy a refreshing coffee in probably London‘s finest Starbucks store. Their newly refurbished Vigo Street coffee house. With beautifully restored wooden floors, hand carved units, Corinthian columns and a most elegant mahogany hand made ceiling, […]