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Coffee Loyalty Cards – Are you being ripped off?

We all have one, some of us may have many, but which high street coffee loyalty card is really worth racking up money are. Recent research by Wales Online have attempted to get to the bottom of which high street loyalty card is the best value for money, the results were quite staggering. You might […]

Starbucks’ 50% discount and savings deal!

Of course Starbucks isn’t going to let the festive shopping extravaganza pass them by without rewarding its loyal drinkers for popping in and escaping the cold. With Christmas just around the corner, Starbucks have literally just announced that today (#BlackFriday, the 28th of November) and only today, when you pop in and grab a drink you’ll be […]

Starbucks are going to war – literally

In a corporation partnership that you probably didn’t think was even possible, the USS Navy has just opened a Starbucks licensed and functioning coffee shop on one of its assault ships, the USS Boxer. Now the on board military personnel can spend some of their hard earned dollars getting their caffeine fix, before taking off and patrolling […]

Starbucks’ “we are not perfect” Latte Deal

In shadow of their recent reputation denting ‘tax saga’, Starbucks haven’t delayed in launching their first promotion of 2013. Starbucks are promoting their campaign with the slogan: “To start the year on a positive note, Starbucks wants to show customers that Mondays can be great” The promotional campaign allows you to brighten up your Mondays […]

Starbucks PR hijacked at London History Museum

With the story of Starbucks’ ‘tax dodging’ still fresh in our minds, perhaps it’s not surprising that the companies latest advertising campaign using Twitter got hijacked by tax lobbyists and campaigners. Hoping to spread a bit of Christmas cheer this 2012, Starbucks launched their #spreadthecheer hashtag campaign at various major tourist attractions in the UK, […]