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Nepal moving into coffee and out of povety

The historical tea-drinking nation of Nepal is seeing an agricultural shift as farmers begin to move into the world of cultivating and growing coffee plants. With the countries notorious steep hillsides, previous crops such as maize are being stripped out in place of the sturdy arabica plant. The slopes of this Himalayan region are tough and unforgiven, but many people in […]

Brazil reports arabica surplus in 2013

The surprisingly parched grounds in Eastern Brazil have been worrying many coffee farmers for a while now, as large swathes of plants, and many companies futures, looked perilously close to failing. Thankfully the rains have arrived to the Espirito Santo and Minas Gerais coffee regions in Brazil, with early forecasts suggesting the world is in for another surplus year of Brazilian […]

State of emergency declared for Guatemalan coffee

Following on from the breaking news story yesterday that Central America’s coffee crops were being hit by coffee rust, today its been officially announced that Guatemala has declared a state of national agricultural emergency for its coffee crops. Guatemalan President, Otto Perez Molina, said “If we don’t take the needed measures, in 2013-2014 our production could drop by 40%”. […]