The Top 3 Best Filter Coffee Machines for You in 2019

Filter coffee machines have a humble place in both the home and commercial environment. If you’re looking to get your hands on a filter coffee machine, you can spend anywhere between £20 and £300.

This price bracket means that these filter coffee makers are both affordable and available to the majority of us.

However, like most kitchen or tech gadgets, there’s a bewildering array of terms, methods, features and designs to pick from.

This is where our filter coffee research is here to help.

TL;DR > Jump straight down to our research on the best filter coffee machines you can buy in 2019. Or check out our very brief summary below:

Bespoke filter coffee machine
A unique and bespoke filter coffee machine from IronAndSprout

Our three filter coffee recommendations of 2019 are as follows:

Morphy Richards 162008
Uses more complex pour-over brew method
Check Price
Homgeek 1.5L
Most affordable and has the smallest footprint
Check Price
Melitta Look IV 1.2L
Uses a thermally insulated brushed steel carafe
Check Price

Filter Method: The Standard Drip Or The Pour-Over?

It’s 2019 – new features and designs are constantly coming out – but which filter coffee machine should you get?

Should you get a standard filter coffee machine or insist on going for a maker with the Japanese inspired pour-over method?

Coffee machines come in a variety of brewing methods, from french-press all the way up to pressurized espresso makers.

Filter coffee machine allows for an easy and large pot of fresh coffee to be made, whether that’s first thing in the morning or before that last late-night meeting.

For simplicity, we’ll break the market into having two types of filter coffee machines. They have a lot of similarities, but a few key differences too.

A freshly brewed carafe of hot coffee - perfect for the office or at home
A freshly brewed carafe of hot coffee – perfect for the office or at home

Standard Drip Filter Coffee

Standard filter coffee, is brewed by heating water that is then slowly dripped down upon a basket of grounds, held above a glass or metal carafe.

Drip coffee has a reputation for offering a cheaper method of getting your coffee fix, often using more plastic and inferior parts.

That’s not to say all standard drip filter coffee machines should be avoided – as our research below goes to prove.

Pour-over Filter Coffee Machines

Pour-over filter coffee, usually a manual task, see’s the steeping of the grounds in a small quantity of hot water.

Once the grounds have ‘bloomed’ in the water, the remaining water is then passed through the grounds.

Although recently this has been a purely manual task, a few coffee machines are now adopting the method.

The pour over method, allowing the grounds to react with the water first, gives a much more complete, fuller and smoother coffee.

Morphy Richards 162008 1.8L Filter Coffee Maker

So our first best filter machine we’ve rated, reviewed and now recommend is the Morphy Richards 162008 filter coffee maker.

Morphy Richards 162008 1.8L Filter Coffee Maker in Matt Black

Uses the more complex pour over technology to bloom the grounds before filter out a hot cup of coffee.

A strength selection option; so after a cup or two, you can really dial in to the perfect coffee.

A decent programmable timer that allows you prepare beforehand, and then to wake up to hot fresh coffee.

How much coffee? Well, the carafes holds 12 cups worth; with the water tank holding 1.8L.

An easy to clean, re-usable ‘cupcake’ filter. This shape helps create a smoother flavour compared to the V shaped drip filters.

It also comes with non-slip feet, a non-drip mechanism for when you remove the carafe and a warming plate.

This filter coffee machine is 23 x 18.8 x 33.5 cm, meaning it’ll take up some 432.4cm^2 on your tabletop. Not massive, but definitely the larger of the three filter coffee machines we’re reviewing here.

Although we’ve shown it above in black, it also comes in lovely dark red and a rather shiny brush steel.

Check out the price of the Morphy Richards 162008

Homgeek 1.5L Filter Coffee Machine

The Homgeek 1.5 filter coffee machine is currently on Amazon for only £26, making it another affordable and ‘top filter coffee machine’ contender that you should pay close attention to.

Not only that – but out of the 3 – the Homgeek is our most highly praised filter coffee machine for 2019. A surprisingly good all-round filter coffee machine, a great price tag, a large carafe, enough features to tick-all-the-boxes and a small footprint.

Front view of the Homgeek Filter coffee machine that's under review

If you’re looking to wake up to fresh coffee every morning, this little filter coffee maker has you sorted. With it’s easy to read and simple to use programmer controls, every morning can start with a hot cup o’ joe.

Speaking of which, many reviews for this coffee machine say the temperature of the freshly-made coffee is more than sufficiently hot. Which is fab to have reviews for, because we all know warm coffee is an avoidable sin we don’t need in our busy life!

However, like any hot-plate based warming device, it’s nearly always best to transfer your hot coffee to a coffee thermos if you want to actually keep it hot and palatable (E.g. £28 for Thermo’s ThermoCafe holds 1.8L)

If space is a bit tight on your kitchen or office worktop, you’ll be pleased to see the dimensions for this little filter machine are only 17.8 x 21.8 x 34.5 cm. This means its footprint is only 388.04cm^2, notably smaller than the Morphy Richards 162008 above.

Check out the price of this Homgeek 1.5L Filter Machine

Melitta Look IV 1.2L Filter Coffee Machine

Now we’re on to our third and final entrant to our top 3 filter coffee machines, the Melitta Look IV 1.2L.

This striking little unit, capable of producing just over a litre of fresh filter coffee, is our most expensive filter recommendations of 2019.

At a little over £50 – the black and silver unit looks a lot more succinct and balanced than its all-over chrome* variant (link here). I find that silver machine just too shiny for my taste, whereas this blank and silver works well.

When should you pick this machine over the Morphy Richards 162008 or the Homgeek?

I think this boils down to two aspects; price and the coffee’s recipient.

Price. At about £50, this Melitta is easily the most expensive of three products we’re reviewing here. Even the red or silver variants of the MR 162008 are currently listed at only £45. So you need to be comfortable spending almost double the Homgeeks price tag. Which leads onto the next point…

The recipient. Thats the best phrase I could think of to address the next point. If you’re going to be making an office’s worth of coffee – go for the cheaper but equally as good Homgeek or the 162008. If you’re making a pot of coffee for YOU – buy the Melitta.

The difference is all in the carafe. If you plan to consume the (albeit it smaller) carafe of coffee over a longer period of time, the well constructed and double-wall insulated jug will keep your drink piping hot for 2 hours. The heating plates of the other two units would simply make your drink burnt, bitter tasting and luke-warm after only just half that.

The Melitta also has the dimensions of 29.5 x 30.5 x 47.8 cm, making it the tallest unit we’re recommending. Also, with its curved design, it actually takes up quite a lot of worktop space. Maybe something also worth considering if you need to squeeze the unit between your toaster and your bread bin.

Check out the price for the Melitta Look IV

(* The chrome is only chrome-effect – the machine is a mix of metal and stylized plastic. Which is a shame, especially for the heftier price tag)

Verdict: The Best Filter Coffee Machines of 2019

So there we have it. Three great filter coffee machines you can get your hands on in 2019.

All have their own benefits and drawbacks, but all three filter coffee machines are brilliant and well worth the price tags.

Morphy Richards 162008
Uses more complex pour-over brew method
Check Price
Homgeek 1.5L
Most affordable and has the smallest footprint
Check Price
Melitta Look IV 1.2L
Uses a thermally insulated brushed steel carafe
Check Price

Thanks for reading

Top 5 Bosch Kettles for your Kitchen in 2018

If you’re on the lookout for one of the best kettles on the market, have we got an article for you! We’ve put together our top 5 Bosch kettles for you, so look no further. Put your feet up, put the kettle… ah, never mind.

You’ve probably already done some research in which kettles looks and operates the best, but we’ve got the definite top 5 Bosch kettles right here.

Bosch are a legendary brand for many appliances, we’ve reviewed many Bosch coffee machines right here on TheCoffeeBlog.

We operate both a Bosch kettle and a coffee maker ourself, so we’re not just talking the talk.

Maybe you’ve compared everything from the Bosch Styline (TWK8633) to the Bosch Saturn (TWK7403), read on, we’ll compare prices, looks, volume and kettle features…

Yes kettle’s have features! Long gone are the days of just boiling water.

The top 5 Bosch Kettles for your Kitchen

With dozens of different kettle models just produced by themselves, if you didn’t know where to start you’d quickly drown in a boiling sea of kettle information. Luckily we’ve produced our top 5 Bosch kettles for your Kitchen.

Here are the 5 kettles we’re going to take a deep look into a bit later:

Bosch TWK 7804 KettleBosch TWK 7804

1.7L Red Kettle

Check Price

Bosch TWK 8633 Styline GB KettleBosch TWK 8633

1.5L Black / Silver Kettle

Check Price

Bosch TWK 70A03 GB KettleBosch TWK 70A03

1.7L Glass / Black Kettle

Check Price

Bosch TWK 7S05 Silicone GB KettleBosch TWK 7S05 Silicone
1.7L Stainless Steel Kettle(with black silicone banding)Check Price
Bosch TWK 86103 GB KettleBosch TWK 86104 Styline
1.5L Merlot Red Kettle(Also available in black)Check Price

As you can see just from their shape and use of materials, you can easily move away from the standard kettle look if you are so inclined.

We personally love the style of the TWK 7S05 with its silicone ‘grooved sleeve’.

Bosch TWK 7804 Kettle

This is one of our favourite kettles that actually looks like a traditional jug kettle.

A clear and striking red, contrasting with the black handle and silver lid/spout.

Although the 7804 doesn’t have any bells-or-whistles, it is a solidly built stainless steel 2,200 watt kettle. It does feature a fairly standard swivel base as well as an important limescale filter in the spout

The 7804 kettle also has a colour matching toaster, coffee machine and even a panini indoor grill.

Water capacity: 1.7L

Dimensions: 15.8 x 23.8 x 25.8 cm

Empty weight: 1.4Kg

Material: Stainless Steel

Key features: Sleek design, large handle, swivel base

Verdict: We believe this kettle is perfect if you’re sticking to conventional looks but want a bit of colour, or if you’re wanting a new set of kitchen appliances that match. If the latter is why you’re drawn to it, check out the matching red TAT6A114 ComfortLine toaster

Bosch TWK 7804 Kettle – Read more

Bosch TWK 8633 Styline Kettle

We love the look of this kettle as its placed on its ‘docking station’. Why would you want a lead and a swivel base when even your kettle can dock.

The 8633 Styline gives you back the control over temperature, you can boil the water as normal, but also heat the water to lesser temperature. In 10 degree increments from 70c up to 100c, this little feature is very handy for those who like hot drinks served below ‘scolding’ temperatures.

The Styline also has a novel feature often found in coffee machines, allowing you to keep the kettle at temperature for upto half an hour.

Water capacity: 1.5L

Dimensions: 17 x 23.5 x 26.3 cm

Empty weight: 1.6Kg

Material: Stainless Steel & Plastic

Key features: Variable temperature control, boil dry protection, docking station, keep warm, powerful 3,000 watt element

Verdict: We’re still on the fence whether we think the looks of the 8633 Styline suits an office more than a home. However we’re in no doubt that wherever you plug the Styline in, you’ll get a great kettle. Pack full of useful and protective features, the 8633 kettle is a sure top 5 kettle

Bosch TWK 8633 Styline Kettle – Read more

Bosch TWK 70A03GB Glass Kettle

We’re all drawn towards things we can see inside as they work, that is even more so when it includes water bubbling and boiling. It’s genuinely fascinating. This is our only clear, glass kettle we deem worthy of being in our top 5 Bosch kettle article.

The glass not only makes for a mesmerising boil, it also means you can glance over from the other side of the kitchen or office and see whether the kettles full or not. No more tiny ‘water level’ indicator.

Speaking of seeing the water level, this glass kettle holds an impressive 1.7L of water. That’s the joint-highest amount any of these kettles in our top 5 holds.

Water capacity: 1.7L

Dimensions: 14 x 21 x 26.5 cm

Empty weight: 1.7Kg

Material: Glass

Key features: great stylish glass design, safety locking lid, large 1.7L capacity

Verdict: The glass makes for a gorgeous looking kettle, however it does add a bit of heft to the weight. Its our heaviest kettle in the top 5, not by much, but we feel its worth mentioning if you’re buying this as a gift for someone.

Bosch TWK 70A03GB Glass Kettle – Read more

Bosch TWK 7S05 GB Silicone Kettle

We think this kettle is both modern and sophisticated, with its 360 degree sleeve of protective and decorative silicone.

With its otherwise sleek and simple design, the light 7S05 holds a significant 1.7L of water. Despite the construction of both stainless steel and silicone, the 7S05 weighs only 1.2Kg when empty.

Water capacity: 1.7L

Dimensions: 18.7 x 24 x 23.6 cm

Empty weight: 1.2Kg

Material: Stainless Steel & Silicone

Key features: Silicone protective sheath, large water capacity, matching toaster to accompany the kettle

Verdict: Maybe not the kettle for you if you’re looking for more advanced features. However for a modernistic style and a smart yet unimposing look, you cant go further than this great TWK 7S05 silicone kettle.

Bosch TWK 7S05 Silicone Kettle – Read more

Author’s Top Kettle – Bosch TWK 86104 Stylin

For colour, this kttle beauty won’t do you wrong.

The deep wine red colour contrasting against the stainless steel, and the vertical lines make this kettle stand head-and-shoulders above many others.

The looks itself could move it into our top 10, but this article is for the top 5 Bosch kettles! So on top of its great looks, it also has both variable temperature control AND keep warm functionality.

The controls are on the top of the handle and are easily operated. They also have an easily readable feedback light, so you know what mode its in.

The 86104 can also be purchased in black, if the red isn’t your cup of tea (sorry)

Water capacity: 1.5L

Dimensions: 15.5 x 23.5 x 24.5 cm

Empty weight: 1.5Kg

Material: Stainless Steel & Plastic

Key features: Boil dry protection, variable temperature control, keep warm functionality

Verdict: With a powerful 3,000 watt element, gorgeous modern looks, temp and keep warm functionality – we solidly put the 86104 Bosch kettle in the number ONE spot for top kettle.

Bosch TWK 86104 Styline Kettle – Read more

Summary of the top Bosch Kettles

Below we’ve summarised our findings for the best Bosch kettle around at the moment.

Top kettles made by Bosch

TWK 7804Most traditional style. Great water capacityCheck Prices
TWK 8633Cheapest of out Top 5. Temperature / keep warm controlsCheck Prices
TWK 70A03
Glass walled. Most expensive of our Top 5. Heaviest of our Top 5Check Prices
TWK 70S05
Silicone sleeve. Leightest of our Top 5 (emtpy). Great water capacityCheck Prices
TWK 86104

*Authors pick*

Smallest worktop footprint. Temperature / keep warm controls

Check Prices

We hope this article has been helpful.

Please drop us a comment below if you end up buying one of these fantastic Bosch kettles.

The Best Coffee Cocktails Recipes for any Party

We love coffee. You love coffee.

We both love parties AND cocktails.

I’m going to take a guess you’re here because you love:

  1. Coffee…
  2. Cocktails…
  3. and PARTIES

So how can we help you? Well we’ve put together the very best coffee cocktails you can put together. Whether you’re looking for drinks for your summer pool party, Christmas drinks round the fire or something a lot more sophisticated – have we found some good boozy drinks for you.

Did someone say it was cocktail coffee o'clock?

Did someone say it was cocktail coffee o’clock?

You don’t need to be some shaker swirling pro to make these. Just a few basic ingredients, some confidence (they’re not hard after all) and some good coffee.

We’ve tried to link up most of the ingredients to Amazon, so you can fill your basket with coffee cocktail goodness and head straight to the party.

Espresso Martini

You can’t beat a classic espresso martini. It’s the drink James Bond would drink if he ever needed a coffee.

If you’re only going to master or serve one cocktail at your party, make it the Espresso Martini.


45 oz. Kahlúa

30ml Absolut Vodka

30ml espresso


Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker filled with ice.

Shake vigorously and strain into a martini glass.

Source: various

SKYY Coconut Coffee

A great holiday vibe of a cocktail here. If you’re planning a pool party or something summery, break open the Baileys and that bottle of SKYY Coconut Infusions


60ml SKYY Infusions Coconut

15ml espresso

15ml coffee liqueur

15ml irish cream

Garnish: coffee grounds


Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker filled with ice.

Shake vigorously and strain into a glass.

Garnish with coffee grounds.

Source: Moses Laboy, Red Rooster mixologist

Dark and Stormy Coffee Cocktail

A twist on a classic. This is a gorgeous summer coffee cocktail we found once on the BBC Good Food website. Good food? It certainly is.


25ml tequila

25ml dark rum

30ml freshly brewed espresso (left to chill)

Handful of Ice

Bottled ginger beer


Fill a tall glass with ice.

Pour in the tequila and rum, stir to mix.

Fill the glass almost to the top with ginger beer, leaving room for the coffee.

Importantly, slowly pour in the espresso, so the ingredients don’t naturally mix.

Sip and enjoy!

Black Forest Espresso

We love this cocktail, its a great drink in the darker Winter or Auturm months, however there’s nothing stopping you from having one any time.

We love how the boozy Grey Goose cherry goes perfectly with the espresso – magnificent

This one is quite the boozy one – so go careful!


40ml Grey Goose Cherry Noir

24ml Disaronno

30ml espresso

Dash of simple sugar syrup

Dash of cream

Garnish: grated espresso beans


To make the simple sugar syrup just mix sugar and hot water in equal parts until all the sugar has dissolved. You can make this in advance of your party.

Combine all ingredients except cream in a cocktail shaker filled with ice.

Shake vigorously and strain into a glass filled with ice.

Top with cream.

Garnish with grated espresso beans.

Enjoy those coffee cocktails!

We hope you enjoy these cocktails as much as we have.

Let us know your favourite coffee cocktail recipes.

A huge thanks to the suggestions on Twitter, the BBC Good Food site and to magazine for putting together their own article, which summarised our favour coffee cocktails. That article inspired this coffee article. Copyright also goes to them for any of their images we used.

Best Tassimo Coffee Pods in 2018

Tassimo coffee pods provide a consistent and clean way to produce your favourite drinks time and time again. Thankfully both Tassimo, and 3rd party manufacturers, have produced a wide selection of different drinks, so you’re not stuck with the same americano day-in-day-out.

The problem with choice though, is how do you know which is the best Tassimo coffee pod for you? Well thankfully, you can take our word on these coffee pods below.

Best Cappuccino Coffee by Tassimo

best costa cappuccino tassimo coffeeOur highest rated cappuccino coffee pod for a Tassimo machine are the 8x serving Costa cappuccino coffee pack.

We like our cappuccinos hot with lots of frothy milk over milk and a good double espresso shot of well extracted coffee.

This is the type of great drink you get with the Costa pods, although you’re of course free to sprinkle your own chocolate or cinnamon dust on top.

Currently only £5.00 on Amazon

Best Espresso Coffee by Tassimo

tassimo lor best espresso coffeeOne of our favorite drinks, and possibly our highest rated coffee, is a good espresso. L’OR have made a significant well bodied espresso drink with their Tassimo L’OR Espresso Delicious Coffee pods.

Due to an espresso being a very short drink, the flavours should be very concentrated. A good espresso will also have a good crema, enhancing the taste and producing a wonderful aroma.

L’OR have managed to pack a highly technical drink into their L’OR Delicious pods, which makes for a splendid espresso.

Check out the prices on Amazon here

Best Sweet Tassimo Pod by Tassimo

What usually splits coffee drinker groups in half, is where they stand on sweetened or syrup’d coffees. We’re partial to a caramel or even the more subtle vanilla coffee from time to time.

Although we’re rather fond of the chocolate Mocha for our Tassimo, we love the Latte Macchiato caramel coffee.

Although in Mexico a macchiato is confusingly called a cortado, which is a different coffee in most other countries, a macchiato is usually an espresso with a small amount of frothy steamed milk. They have become popular with various syrups added to them, such as the above mentioned caramel, but also almond, chocolate mint or cinnamon.

This long drink isn’t overly sweet but does have noticeable caramel flavours and aromas.

Check out Amazon’s Prices Here

Best Non-Coffee Tassimo Pod by Tassimo

tassimo chocolate cadburys podDon’t worry, we get it. Sometimes you need something other than another hot caffeine injection. Sometimes you’ve had too much, its too late in the evening, or one of your young children want their own drink.

There are a variety of Tassimo pods you can use that don’t make coffees, with one of our favourite pods being the classic Cadbury’s Hot Chocolate.

Cadbury’s Hot Chocolate have their own signature velvety drink which, when made extra hot, is something truly remarkable.

Check out Amazon’s prices by clicking here

Top 5 DeLonghi Coffee Machines for 2018

Is this the Best DeLonghi Coffee MachineIf you’re looking for the top DeLonghi coffee machine for 2018 then have we got the article for you. We’ve compiled so much data to put together this top coffee machine list, it’ll save you hours of tiresome work. Whether you know your DeLonghi ESAM2800 from your Icona Vintage, or you’re at a complete loss as to which DeLonghi machine is best for you – this article will shed some serious light. Thankfully we’ve done the research, drank lots of coffee and compiled our 2018 top 5 list of DeLonghi coffee makers.

You may be thinking its best to simply buy the most expensive DeLonghi machine you can afford, however you’re likely to be spending money on features you’ll never use. Plus there are lots of older DeLonghi models that still rank really highly, some still entering our 2018 top list, because they’re well built, produce great tasting coffee and are packed full of useful design features.

All the machines below come highly recommended as great De’Longhi purchases in 2018.

The best DeLonghi coffee machine in 2018

TL>DR: Click here to jump down to our first of the top 5 De’Longhi machines we recommend buying in 2018

To busy to read how or why we recommend each one, jump to buying one right now.

All 5 are brilliant purchases.

De’Longhi ESAM2800.SB Bean To CupCheck Amazon Now
De’Longhi ECOV311.AZ Icona Vintage Coffee MachineCheck Amazon Now
De’Longhi EC680.R Dedica Espresso MachineCheck Amazon Now
De’Longhi ECP33.21 Espresso Coffee MakerCheck Amazon Now
De’Longhi ECAM44.660.B Eletta Bean to Cup Coffee MachineCheck Amazon Now

How to find the best DeLonghi coffee machine

You’re here because you know other peoples reviews and opinions are key when deciding between online purchases, that is so true for coffee machines too. Despite what DeLonghi, Tassimo or Bosch marketing staff tell you – nothing compares to the voice of hundreds of people using it in their kitchens every morning.

These are the views we’ve collated and combined with our own reviews of these top De’Longhi coffee machines.

Although we know that the cost and style of the coffee machine will likely be the top 2 factors that grab our attention, we’ve also looked at the following important unique-selling points to help you differentiate one top performing De’Longhi from another.

Boiler Water Reservoir

One thing that constantly frustrates myself is not noticing when my water reservoir is nearly empty, causing the next pour to only extract half a shot of espresso as the boiler stops. This is easily done first thing in the morning, before anyone’s really functioning properly.

Absolute nightmare!

Now the extreme is to buy the DeLonghi with the largest water reservoir, but you don’t want water sitting in that tank for several days. That makes for bad tasting coffee and also leads to build up of minerals and limescale in your appliance.

All of the DeLonghi coffee makers below have good sized tanks that are easily removed to be filled. Some have low water lights too – so you won’t go running out mid-brew.

One aspect we’d like you to consider, is do you have storage (shelves or cupboards) above your work surface, and will they allow a water tank to be lifted vertically away from the machine?

Most tanks only need to be lifted up by a few inches before they can be slide to the side, but its worth factoring in the height of the machine if you have particularly low over-worktop cabinets.

Bean-to-cup Bean Capacity

Some of the higher end machines have the ability to grind beans and extract them all in one easy to accomplish process. These coffee machines are called bean-to-cup and have a lot more mechanically going on under the hood compared to a ‘standard’ espresso machine. A perfect example is the mighty ECAM44 (Save £230) we’ve included below.

For these machines to operate, they store your bag of unground beans in a hopper. Keeping them unground until the second they’re needed means you naturally lock in the freshness and tastes,

Bean-to-cup therefore tend to top out the market with a higher price tag, but its saving you buying a separate grinder while also helps keep the mess down.

The flip side being that De’Longhi bean-to-cup coffee machines are expensive to service and fix due to their inner complexities.

All decent De’Longhi machines listed below that have the bean-to-cup functionality have a good sized hopper or bean capacity. You normally fill the hopper similar to the water reservoir, although they tend to be fixed to the machine and therefore need access to the top panel.

Brewing Temperature

Reviews are key for this metric, as it can’t reliably be quantified. Yes they’ll quote a temperature that their coffee machine produces it’s glorious ‘worlds best’ tasting coffee, but how comes the online reviews go on to say it’s distinctively on the chilly side, every time.

Sometimes a manufacturers coffee maker just doesn’t live up to the spec, especially once several dozens coffees have gone through the boiler and portafilter.

We pay close attention to any machine making coffee on the wrong side of hot, as we cant stand a mild brew. Fear not, no De’Longhi coffee maker reviewed below makes cold coffee, they’ve been penalised heavily and dropped from our ratings altogether.

We love our little De’Longhi EC680.R (See below) for making perfectly hot espressos

Dimensions and Footprint

The majority of us live in either cosy or comfortable sized houses, we definitely don’t live in palatial mansions with huge kitchens. For this reason we appreciate that counter worktop space, whether its kitchen top or desk space, is quite the commodity.

Although we haven’t specifically dropped any De’Longhi machine from our top 5 list for having a large footprint, we have used it to steer our feedback.

De’Longhi ESAM2800.SB Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

DeLonghi ESAM2800.SB Bean to Cup Coffee MachineRRP: £349.99

Cost: £266.10 (Saving £83.89)

Dimension: 36 x 28.5 x 37.5 cm

Water Reservoir: 1.8 litres

Pro: Bean-to-cup function with a 200g bean hopper, which is a good size. Fitted with a burr grinder, with 7 different coarseness settings. Huge water tank that’ll rarely need filling.

Good drink customisation: drink volume, coffee quantity, coffee strength and brew temperature. Exactly what you’d expect when in this cost bracket.

Con: One of the biggest De’Longhi models we have in our top 5, so expect to lose some vital work space to its footprint.  Also not the stylish looking unit in our list.

Verdict: 7 different settings is a bit overkill for the burr grinder, however we can’t knock the quality of the coffee that this bean-to-cup produces.

If you’re looking for an all in one, large capacity unit with good controls then this would be our recommendation from the top 5.

If you’re able to live without the bean-to-cup feature, you can save yourself £100 and buy one of the other fab units below.

Get the £83.89 saving and buy on Amazon

DeLonghi ECOV311.AZ Icona Vintage Espresso Machine

Delonghi ECOV311.AZ Icona Vintage Espresso MachineCost: £220.52

Dimension: 23 x 26 x 30 cm

Water Reservoir: 1.4 litres

Pro: Great retro look that gets peoples heads turning. Easy to wipe down and large drip tray. Available in a variety of pastel colours – baby blue, cream and pale green.

Con: Cup warmer wont be nearly hot enough for most peoples liking, however we always use hot water to directly heat each cup. Lack of drink customisation controls, which for the price, is a bit of a let down.

You may struggle to get a large mug or tall glass under the portafilter without removing the drip-tray (something that is trivial to do) – this probably is also shared with the EC680

Verdict: If you want a coffee machine to match a certain look, or you have great memories of yesterday-year, this gorgeous looking unit is for you.

Yes you’re paying for the stylish looks, but it also makes great coffee too. Plus if you buy it now from Amazon you’ll get it for only £220.

You can buy cheaper De’Longhi’s, for example the EC680.R below, without losing any features.

View and Buy on Amazon for £220

De’Longhi EC680.R Dedica Espresso Machine

RRP: £219.99

Cost: £159.10 (Saving £60.99)

Dimension: 33 x 15 x 30 cm

Water Reservoir: 1.0 litres

Pro: The EC680 makes brilliant coffee and is quick to get upto brew temperature – mine takes around 30 seconds before the first brew is ready.

At 15cm wide, the EC680R has a tiny footprint on the kitchen worktop.

Con: This machine has one of the smallest water reservoirs of all the top De’Longhi machines listed here.

Similar to the Vintage Icona (above), you’ll find it difficult fitting large cups or glasses under the dual spout. This can be avoided by removing the drip tray, which is easily done.

Verdict: Available in fire engine red, black or stainless steel, this tiny little machine makes great coffee. If space or money is a virtue, get this De’Longhi and you won’t be disappointed.

It also can be bought for a fraction of the price of its bigger De’Longhi brothers.

Don’t let the small water reservoir put you off though, 1L is still a great capacity if you’re only making a few coffees at a time. If you think you’ll be making lots of drinks at a time, is an espresso machine really what you need?

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De’Longhi ECP33.21 Italian Traditional Espresso Coffee Maker

RRP: £159.99

Cost: £117.99 (Saving £42.00)

Dimension: 18.5 x 24 x 30.5 cm

Water Reservoir: 1.1 litres

Pro: Good small footprint, although not quite as small as the EC680 (above)

Con: Probably the least attractive of the top 5 De’Longhi coffee machines we’ve listed, thankfully it makes outstanding coffee.

Verdict: A smart little compact ‘basic’ coffee machine that turns out great coffee. If you’re looking for a small machine that still delivers, and you don’t like the EC680 in fire-engine red (above), then how about this great little cube of a unit

At time of writing this kitchen gadget also has over £40 off its normal RRP on Amazon.

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De’Longhi ECAM44.660.B Eletta Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

RRP: £829.99

Cost: £529.99 (Saving £230.00)

Dimension: 46 x 26 x 36 cm

Water Reservoir:  2 litres

Pro: Bean-to-cup with a whopping 13 adjustable settings. Great milk frother that combines with the dual spout to produce luxurious drinks

Con: Hugely expensive. A big unit too. Can take a while to warm up, but great once it gets going.

Verdict: Easy to strip down and clean, which is essential when milk carafes are involved.

Makes a large selection of piping hot drinks, such as long cappuccinos, espressos, flat white, macchiato and even hot milk for your hot chocolates.

Great options for customising your drink using the highly intuiative digital control system.

An amazing bean-to-cup coffee machine for the true coffee connoisseur. The best De’Longhi coffee machine available in 2018 – hands down.

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