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Starbucks PR hijacked at London History Museum

With the story of Starbucks’ ‘tax dodging’ still fresh in our minds, perhaps it’s not surprising that the companies latest advertising campaign using Twitter got hijacked by tax lobbyists and campaigners. Hoping to spread a bit of Christmas cheer this 2012, Starbucks launched their #spreadthecheer hashtag campaign at various major tourist attractions in the UK, […]

Want a coffee? Need Wi-Fi too?

I’d personally recommend enjoying the taste of a well-made coffee without the hassle of your phone and laptop trying to grab your attention at every minute, but that’s very rarely the case these days. Thankfully Costa have finally chosen to embrace this with the help of O2. The MD of O2, one Gavin Franks, said this about their deal with Costa: “We […]

Gorgeous Starbucks store opens in London

If you find yourself rushed off your shoppaholic legs around Savile Row or Regent Street, why not take 15 minutes to enjoy a refreshing coffee in probably London‘s finest Starbucks store. Their newly refurbished Vigo Street coffee house. With beautifully restored wooden floors, hand carved units, Corinthian columns and a most elegant mahogany hand made ceiling, […]