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NESPRESSO KRUPS Essenza Mini a 5* coffee machine review

Today we’re tackling a coffee machine review for the Essenza Mini, produced by Krups. It doesn’t take a rocket system to realise what the main unique-selling-point for the KRUPs Essenza is … space saving! I would say, with some confidence, that the Essenza Mini is the thinnest coffee machine we’ve reviewed on TheCoffeeBlog. Before we […]

Top Coffee Maker Gifts for Christmas 2021

This won’t be the first article you’ve read that points out how close Christmas is already! With less than 100 days to go and only a few more paychecks before that shopping needs to be finished, do you know what gifts you’re going to be buying for your loved ones? Ho-Ho-Ho, Merry Christmas! Every year […]

Tips for buying the best coffee machine

The coffee machine is one of the few appliances in the kitchen where research is definitely key in helping you get the right product for you. Learning how to buy a coffee machine, what features you’re looking for, and what are just gimmicks, is hopefully what this article will help you think about. We’re not […]

Nespresso CitiZ and Milk – Magimix M190 – £195

Available in fire engine red, cream, aluminium or limousine black the Magimix M190 uses the Nespresso capsule system to deliver mess-free, consistent and excellent coffee with every use. Like all Nespresso systems this machine uses 19 bar of pressure to extract the perfect taste from the small single-usage capsules. The cheapest price we’ve found for this amazing Nespresso coffee […]