Starbucks’ “we are not perfect” Latte Deal

In shadow of their recent reputation denting ‘tax saga’, Starbucks haven’t delayed in launching their first promotion of 2013.

Starbucks are promoting their campaign with the slogan: “To start the year on a positive note, Starbucks wants to show customers that Mondays can be great”

The promotional campaign allows you to brighten up your Mondays with a Tall Latte for only £1.50 until Monday the 18th of February.

Refreshing communication from Starbucks

In a refreshing almost-down-to-earth blog post by the managing director of Starbucks in the UK, Kris Engskov declared it was time to rebuild broken trust: “We know we are not perfect. But we have listened over the past few months and… hope that over time, you will give us the opportunity to build on your trust and custom”.

In an attempt to re-stimulate their declining corporate image, this offer can also be used in conjunction with their MyStarbucksRewards scheme. All that means you can grab an extra 50p off various breakfast items with your coffee.

Thanks to this Starbucks Latte Deal, we can all enjoy a tasty start to the year.

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