Starbucks PR hijacked at London History Museum

With the story of Starbucks’ ‘tax dodging’ still fresh in our minds, perhaps it’s not surprising that the companies latest advertising campaign using Twitter got hijacked by tax lobbyists and campaigners.

Hoping to spread a bit of Christmas cheer this 2012, Starbucks launched their #spreadthecheer hashtag campaign at various major tourist attractions in the UK, including the Natural History museum in London.

Unfortunately it wasn’t long before messages such as “Pay your F***ing taxes” started appearing on the giant projector screens.

A Starbucks representative apologised for the mistake blaming it on a “malfunction” of one of their profanity filters.

In hindsight perhaps it wasn’t the best idea to launch a social media advertising campaign in the wake of a recent PR disaster Starbucks. Maybe that can be one of your 2013 New Years resolutions.

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