UK Coffee Week

Today marks the start of something called ‘UK Coffee Week’, something created by the smart brains over at Allegra Strategies. I say every day should be part of the coffee week, but this single annual week long event genuinely generates large quantities of money from you happy beverage drinkers to go help those people who can’t even find clean water.

Look at your coffee, notice its dark brown colouring? Now imagine this is the colour of the water you have to drink, after you’ve walked miles to find it in a well or puddle. Not so appealing now is it.

Coffee high-street giants, Caffe Nero and Costa, have both subscribed to the UK Coffee Week way of thinking for 2012, allowing patrons to add a tiny (5p, see, tiny!) donation to their bill. Not only that, those coffee companies then go and match the donation. Good chaps! Last year this helped raise over £100,000 for Tanzanian children and families. Imagine the difference that makes.

Hopefully this year, the UK Coffee Week will blow that $100k out of the water and far surparse it. Do something great this week, enjoy your large caffeine beverage of choice while also changing someones life. Donate to the UK Coffee Week scheme.



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