Starbucks are going to war – literally

'Starboxer' opens aboard the USS Boxer

‘Starboxer’ opens aboard the USS Boxer, serving the military personnel hot Starbucks beverages and snacks.

In a corporation partnership that you probably didn’t think was even possible, the USS Navy has just opened a Starbucks licensed and functioning coffee shop on one of its assault ships, the USS Boxer. Now the on board military personnel can spend some of their hard earned dollars getting their caffeine fix, before taking off and patrolling the skies overhead.

With a recent tax dodging scandal still fresh in the UK air, it should be noted that all takings by the newly dubbed ‘Starboxer’ are being donated to the ship’s Morale, Welfare and Recreation fund.

Lt. Cmdr. Leon Quarles says that he worked hard, alongside several contractors, to help put the partnership deal together, all in an attempt to minimise what the troops miss while on duty. Sometimes the ship and crew are deployed for several agonising months at a time, without returning back to their home docks at San Diego, California.

Needless to say that the floating Starbucks coffee shop isn’t actually staffed by normal baristas, but by fully qualified Navy personnel. Whether this makes this store the safest or more dangerous coffee shop in the world is open to debate.

(Source: ABC News)

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