1701 Nottingham baristas apply for only 8 Jobs

Costa CoffeeIf you wanted any more evidence that the job market is a hard place to crack at the moment, a Costa spokeswoman has just released a statement saying that 8 job vacancies in a new Nottingham store was swamped by applications from over 1700 people.

A spokesman of Costa said that they were shocked:  “I don’t think we expected anything like the number of applications we received. Applicants ranged from new graduates to ex-shop managers among others, and we’ve been really encouraged to see so many people wanting to work at their local Costa store.”


New Costa store opening this Friday in Woodborough Road, Mapperley

The store that is opening this Friday on Woodborough Road, Mapperley (Nottingham) was advertising 3 full time positions and 5 part time roles, ranging from £6 to £10 per hour. Applications haven’t stopped pouring into the Costa inbox’s since the positions were first advertised in December.

Although the number of applications is surprising, we can’t deny a link with the number of large high-street shops shutting down; people are moving their jobs from stacking HMV or Blockbuster shelves, to the aroma filled coffee houses.

Obviously a lot of people are going to be disappointed, but we wish the lucky 8 people the best of luck in their new positions. You guys will have beaten off great competition.

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