Tea giant Teavana bought by Starbucks

Teavana, a retail store that specialises in loose-leaf and made-to-order tea, has agreed upon a sale to Starbucks for a refreshing £385 million.

The 1997 Atlanta based tea-house company offers high-end specialist teas that most people will not have tasted before, such as blooming whites, tisanes and oolong. They also retain a vast selection of tea-products, including Asian-inspired ceremonial teapots, infusers, steeping pots and Japanese water dispensers.

Teavana, “part tea bar, part tea emporium”, now have stores across the US, Canada and Mexico. Speculation quickly arose that after the sale to Starbucks, the company may diverge to the European markets. No official comment has yet been released on whether or not this will involve the UK.

Starbucks bought their first tea specialist, Tazo, back in 1999. Now, with their second exotic tea brand, Howard Schultz the CEO of the Starbucks company said that their aim is to “do for tea what we did for coffee”.

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