NESPRESSO KRUPS Essenza Mini a 5* coffee machine review

Today we’re tackling a coffee machine review for the Essenza Mini, produced by Krups. It doesn’t take a rocket system to realise what the main unique-selling-point for the KRUPs Essenza is … space saving! I would say, with some confidence, that the Essenza Mini is the thinnest coffee machine we’ve reviewed on TheCoffeeBlog.

Before we tell you the dimensions, just know that the Essenza Mini is narrower than your credit card!

Back when we reviewed the De’Longhi EC 680M coffee maker, we pointed out with joy how slim that was, at 15cm wide. Well the Krups Essenza Mini has come along and just makes the De’Longhi look bloated and cumbersome.

The dimensions of the Essenza Mini, or XN110B40 if you want it’s Krups model number, come in at just 8.4cm wide! We’ve reviewed quite a few coffee makers, and while pod coffee machines are easily the smallest footprint, the Essenza Mini is tiny! (The full dimensions are 8.4cm x 33cm x 20cm)

Does that reduced size come at a cost, well yes. The water tank, the easiest place to save space, comes in at just 0.6 litres. That’s fairly small – in fact that may be the smallest we’ve reviewed too. But we’ll discuss that later.

5 point review of the Nespresso Krups Essenza Mini

As mentioned already, the unique selling point of the Krups XN110B40 has to be the compact footprint. You could fit this onto the busiest of desks or the most cluttered kitchen tops. It looks almost comical when reviewed next to bigger coffee makers (I’m looking at examples like you Morphy Richards 162008). If you’re struggling for space or realise your existing coffee machine is too large, the Essenza Mini could be your answer.

The taste is spot on! Nespresso pods produce a reliable and beautiful taste. With official pods in a machine like the Krups XN110B40 you won’t be disappointed for taste. If you’re looking for our top pod selections, look no further.

The controls are simplistic. You can basically have a short or long pour – there is no customising your drink. Again though, if you wanted those features you’d have to sacrifice size as more components are crammed inside the Krups box. If you are looking for a pod coffee machine with all the bells and whistles, check out our review of the Tassimo MyWay2.

Although at a considerably higher price, the Essenza Mini can also be bought with an Aeroccino (Milk Frother). We haven’t looked into that as it currently is sold out in many place. Check it out here – Essenza Mini w/ Milk Aeroccino.

Wondering if this Krups machine will fit in with your surroundings, well it is available in black, white and what I call Krups-grey.

Already decided? Purchase the Essenza Mini today

Balanced review – any downsides?

Now we’ve hit you with 5 great points about the Essenza Mini, lets point out three drawbacks of such a compact machine.

First off, as mentioned above, the water tank only holds 600ml. If you’re knocking back several coffees a day you’re going to be refilling that frequently. Not a problem, and obviously doesn’t effect the quality of coffee you get, but just something worth baring in mind. If you think it’s too small, take a look at the De’Longhi 680M coffee machine.

Secondly, the pod hopper holds 4 or 5 used pods, which is a noticeable reduction on previous Nespresso pod machines. Obviously, again, having a large space for used pods would cause the machine to be bigger. It only takes quick tip in the bin and then maybe a rinse under the tap, but something else to consider.

Thirdly, some customers mention they find the build material to have a cheap feel to it. Plastic, no matter how thick, is always going to feel flimsy when compared to say brushed aluminium; heavier metal clad coffee machines always feel sturdy to me. If you’re looking for a chrome or copper plated machine, you may struggle for the small price tag of the Essenza Mini.

XN110B40 – Customer reviews

If you’re pressed for time (who isn’t these days!) you can rest-assured that at the time of writing, almost 3,000 people have reviewed the Essenza Mini coffee machine. That vast number of people give this machine a fantastic review score of 4.7 of 5 stars.

Having considered purchasing a Nespresso machine for a while, particularly after realising how much I was spending on barista-crafted coffee whilst out and about, I decided to go with the smallest of Nespresso’s range: the Essenza Mini.

This machine is compatible with Nespresso’s range of Original Line capsules, of which there is a great selection and variety of flavours from around the world. But does the coffee live up to the same standard as those cups you’d get whilst out and about?

In short: yes. The Essenza Mini has delivered delicious coffee every time I have used it. Having long been a fan of the traditional French press style of coffee, I can safely say that the Essenza Mini delivers a vastly different cup of coffee that’s perfect on its own or as a base for milk-based drinks.

Adam Bruce shared his honest 5* review

The crunch review – the Essenza Mini in summary

Should you consider buying the Krups Essenza Mini? That’s the advice you’re looking for. Well if your needs are a quick, hassle free coffee machine that essentially disappears into your working environment (kitchen, office, caravan etc), then the Essenza Mini will almost certainly do you well.

We must point out that the smaller water tank may need fairly frequent refills (it’s only 0.6L), and the spent-pods hopper will need frequent emptying too. If your machine is near a sink however, neither of these points should cause you much heartache though.

If you’re looking to make endless coffees and prefer volume over specifically tailored individual drinks, this coffee machine, like most pod-machines, may not be for you. If you want to tailor your drinks with a higher temperature or shorter volume of water, then I’d recommend taking a look at the Tassimo Bosch My Way 2 that we recently reviewed.

If you’re still reading though, you probably realise from this review, that the Essenza Mini XN110B40 may be the perfect coffee machine for you.

Currently, as of October 2021, the price for all three colour variations are ~£75.

Buy the Krups Essenza Mini today for £75

It is also available from John Lewis for (£99) or Argos for (£95)

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